ESRI's Latest Mapping API Helps Organizations Improve Efficiency
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ESRI's Latest Mapping API Helps Organizations Improve Efficiency

April 18, 2007 --  Redlands, California— ESRI's ArcWeb Services JavaScript API offers a competitive advantage to organizations looking to replace outdated decision-making systems. The API provides developers with the tools and functionality to build solutions that accelerate mapping application adoption rates, increase ease of use, and provide greater workflow efficiency.

According to Jay Lucas, president of Site To Do Business (STDBonline), an online provider of services to a real estate association, "[ESRI's] ArcWeb Services has enabled us to build an intuitive, easy-to-use decision-making and site analysis system that replaced a complex and inefficient interface. The new system combines our real estate data with more than 7,500 demographic and population variables in a manner that is user-friendly for our members. In fact, this new system has been instrumental in helping our members close hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial transactions each month."

The ArcWeb Services API saves time because most of the complex mapping, visualization, and analysis functionality have been pre-built into the JavaScript library. Developers don't have to build this functionality from scratch.

Other enhanced capabilities include the ability to animate individual mapping elements based on real-time data feeds. For example, vehicle icons or real-time precipitation data can be easily programmed to move dynamically over a background without the need to refresh the entire browser for each data update. Or end users can hand draw sales territories using mouse clicks on a map, then easily retrieve the related sales data for the region defined within the boundaries of the hand-drawn shape.

It is also easy to use AJAX to connect to any database, then use the API to quickly blend any location data with the mapping data being used in the application. Examples of this data include customer addresses, real estate metadata, and real-time tracking data.

ArcWeb Services is designed for the integration of mapping and geographic information system (GIS) technology into service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments. It is hosted by ESRI and includes APIs for SOAP, REST, and Java Micro Edition (Java ME) as well as extensive geographic content. The functionality is designed to assist with a wide range of business problems in areas such as business intelligence, fleet management, and economic development. The geographic content is aggregated from more than 20 providers and incorporates more than 500 different data layers including streets and imagery as well as business and demographic data.

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