Pixxures Completes Vector Alignment Project for Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District
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Pixxures Completes Vector Alignment Project for Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

Arvada, Colorado, April 26, 2007 – Pixxures, Inc., a leading provider of aerial mapping, direct digital image processing, GIS services and imagery web services, has completed a vector alignment project for the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District (HCSWCD), was designated as the lead agency for GIS in Hamilton County, NY in 1996. The HCSWCD provides technical assistance to landowners to help meet the resource conservation needs of the County. The District currently manages and maintains the County’s GIS Resource Center and the Hamilton County Online Mapping System (HOMS), which is available to the public as a free service.

The County’s digitized tax parcel map is being used as the main reference layer for Hamilton County’s Online Mapping System, and for department projects within the County and Towns. Their Online Mapping application is parcel driven and is available for government use and limited public access. After some preliminary evaluation, the County determined that with their current staff, it would be cost prohibitive to try to align the countywide parcel map to their current (up-to-date) rectified aerial imagery.

“We discovered Pixxures and LineWorks through a Web search engine”, said Del Cook, District Technician of the HCSWCD. “We are very pleased with the results of the project and commend the staff on their willingness to tackle the job.”

Pixxures’ LineWorks technology replaces traditional “rubber-sheeting” processes by creating links on common features between the vector layer and the image or land base. Vector layers are adjusted on the fly with each added, removed, or edited link providing immediate feedback to the operator. LineWorks is offered as a service, or the software can be purchased with or without training for the users to perform the alignment themselves.

“The HCSWCD project consisted of a total of ten townships in Hamilton County, NY", said Diana Pedley, Pixxures’ LineWorks Specialist. “Pixxures submitted preliminary alignments to Hamilton County for comments and feedback. Subsequently, the County sent Pixxures a polyline shapefile, providing clear guidance for any further edits required. Once the edits were complete, the final adjusted shapefiles were generated and delivered to the County”, added Pedley.

“Pixxures allowed the Hamilton County GIS staff to carry on with other important tasks and projects”, said Cook. “I would certainly recommend Pixxures to anyone inquiring about parcel alignment services. Did I mention…the price was a BONUS!” added Cook.

Pixxures also offers a customized LineWorks update subscription solution, which can be utilized by customers that purchase the service and want to integrate new data into their existing data set.

About Pixxures

Pixxures, Inc. is a services company located in the Denver area, focused on developing new and advanced technologies that result in high quality cost effective mapping and photogrammetry solutions for its customers. The company continues to pioneer the use of new technologies to speed the creation and delivery of imagery and mapping products for business decision support. The company serves a broad base of clients including utilities, telecommunications, oil and gas, real estate, and federal, state and local governments. For more information, please go online to www.pixxures.com or call Normena Walton at 303-302-8591.