VPindex V3: Intelligence, Efficiency for Archiving Scans and CAD Drawings
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VPindex V3: Intelligence, Efficiency for Archiving Scans and CAD Drawings

Muenchen, Germany, June 19, 2007 -- With VPindex hundreds of scanned drawings or 2D CAD files can be readily indexed and saved to a database in a day's time. Organizations increasingly acknowledge the potential value of legacy engineering documents and are seeking to have them available within their existing information system. softelec’s new VPindex Version 3 provides a highly efficient solution for these tasks, as it combines practical usability, process intelligence and immediate productivity. Analysts have proven that digital archives can cut down costs for drawing procurement, distribution, and revisions by 20 times or more. Cost savings for automated drawing capture can be calculated as being between 8 to 10 times below single step methods, including data entry review.

VPindex handles automated processing of legacy drawings, scans, and 2D CAD files for capture, cleanup, formatting and intelligent storage. Quick retrieval from a database or from a document management system is gained by the program’s capabilities of collecting index information by OCR from drawing’s title blocks. Seamless data transfer is supported by standard ODBC interfacing. The OCR data capture can also be applied for renaming files according to their title block content. An optional “Power OCR” module will improve recognition rates and includes an expanded set of supported languages, such as Cyrillic and Greek.

All processing options, such as scan cleanup, auto-rotation, CAD to TIF conversion, and many more are organized into customizable tasks. A setup “Wizard” offers comprehensive user assistance for each step to configure automatic workflows. All Microsoft Windows® installation platforms are supported, including Vista™.

softelec, based in Munich, Germany, is a specialist software supplier providing solutions mainly for scanned technical documents and maps, explicitly in large formats. Since 1990, VP software products serve to optimize, revise, and convert scanned documents. Mainly for its unique direct raster editing technology the software contributes to improve on productivity considerably. With more than 20.000 licenses installed a great variety of industrial and governmental organizations rely on VP software in the fields of mechanical design, plant engineering, building construction, civil engineering, energy supplies, and many more. An extensive list of users and more company and product information is available at www.softelec.com.

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