Maporama and I-Media Develop New Location-Based Email Application For Direct Geo-Marketing
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Maporama and I-Media Develop New Location-Based Email Application For Direct Geo-Marketing

Paris, July 30, 2002 --- Maporama, the leading provider of location-centric applications and I-Media, leader of electronic communication in France, announced today a strategic partnership to develop an ASP-based, multi-channel direct geo-marketing solution.

The agreement was signed within the framework of Maporama�s Location-Based Email Initiative and is designed specifically for large corporate brands seeking an efficient means of generating traffic to stores, via sophisticated targeting and personalization functionalities, at the same time taking into account geographic criteria. Budgets of direct marketing campaigns are optimized as a result of advanced geographic targeting, making for more efficient campaigns, and generating increased traffic to outlets.

The joint collaboration between I-Media and Maporama, provides direct marketing campaigns with the facility to influence prospective customers located near a particular point of sales - being those likely to visit and subsequently purchase the goods on offer. For example, when opening a new store or promoting another relevant event for an outlet, the joint new geo-marketing solution enables a promotional email to be distributed addressed only to the population living within 3 km of this store. The resulting return on investment of the localized direct marketing campaign is therefore accelerated.

Content of each message can be entirely personalized depending on postal address of the recipient. For example, a network of points of sales offering distinct promotions in each of their locations, can address to each recipient of its direct marketing campaign, information on ongoing promotions in the store nearest to his or her home. Plus - to ensure access to the points of sales, each message provides geocentric information, relevant to each recipient�s geographic location.

These solutions are currently available for all of the 10 Million B2C email addresses as well as for the 1.5 Million B2B emails offered by I-Media�s subsidiary Effidata. Effidata provides comprehensive Opt-in email address databases for rent and aggregates data from the top 80 data providers on the market.

�We are happy to announce this new partnership with I-Media. Our collaboration brings new added value to I-Media�s customers� email campaigns by exploiting our location-centric engines,� said Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, Maporama CEO and President.

�Direct marketing by email is becoming of increasing strategic importance to companies in the retail and service industries,� said Jean David Benichou, President of I-Media Group. � By providing email marketers with a location-centric targeting module, I-Media confirms it�s dominant position in the market and increases its competitive advantage.� About I-Media: I-Media was founded in March 1992 by its current president, Jean-David Benichou. Today I-Media is the French leader in electronic communication. Businesses use I-Media�s electronic messaging services to attract new clients and ensure current clients have the latest information. These services optimize existing communication services such as email, fax, SMS and telephone, for example by email marketing and interactive telephony services. Today I-Media is aiming to develop its activities in e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management), using its wealth of experience in Europe.

I-Media assists more than 3,500 businesses from a wide range of industries with its electronic communication services. I-Media provides electronic communication solutions to publishing houses, financial service institutions, and tourism agencies amongst others.

I-Media operates more than 5,000 information and marketing campaigns per month and in 2001 700 million de electronic messages were sent and received thanks to I-Media (e-mail, fax, SMS and voicemail).

About Maporama:

Maporama is a leading provider of Location-Centric applications. Location-centric applications enable organizations to turn their location data into profit, accelerating consumers� purchase decision cycles by helping them find specific products at specific stores while sharing store-specific information internally with employees, and externally with suppliers.

Maporama's product offer includes advanced mapping and routing turnkey products as well as a powerful and complete API library for developers. In order to guarantee customer flexibility and autonomy, Maporama provides Maporama Partner Solutions, an integrated online administration suite. Maporama is the only location-centric solutions provider to localize an address of over a billion consumers around the world, offering in addition to industry standard European and North American coverage, detailed street maps of Eastern Europe, Australia, South America.

From its inception in 2000, Maporama continues to lead innovation in its industry. In 2000, Maporama was first to announce pre-packaged solutions per industry sector. In 2001, the company was also first to announce location-based advertising products.

Today, the company is building a unique approach to enterprise-wide location-centric applications, compliant with any existing communication platform (Web, Wireless, PDAs, set-top-boxes) as well as with any existing cellular or landline telephone device through speech technology.

Maporama has more than 500 customers in over 15 countries including Yahoo!, Aventis, Europcar, Dr Martens, Est饠Lauder, Thomson Multimedia, UBS Warburg, Diageo.

Headquartered in Paris (France), Maporama markets its products in Europe and in the USA.

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