GeoWise InstantAtlas Helps Dr Foster Intelligence Enliven Local Authority Performance Statistics
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GeoWise InstantAtlas Helps Dr Foster Intelligence Enliven Local Authority Performance Statistics

InstantAtlas graphical presentation of often complex local authority performance statistics will help clear communication and stimulate added interest

May 1, 2007 -- EDINBURGH, UK-- GeoWise, a provider of software for the clear graphical presentation of location-based statistical data, has today announced that Dr Foster Intelligence has re-developed its core reporting product, the Key Indicators Graphical System (KIGS), using the InstantAtlas graphical presentation software package from GeoWise. Dr Foster Intelligence is the market-leading provider of research, analysis and communication products to NHS organisations.

KIGS provides a core of comparative performance information on local authorities across a range of services and is used ostensibly by local authority social services department performance managers, information officers and researchers. In using InstantAtlas within KIGS, Dr Foster Intelligence has made reports very eye-catching as well as made regional and local patterns in local authority performance data easier to see and to explore.

“We knew we needed to enhance the KIGS interface to make it easier and more intuitive to use and make the data it displays more visually appealing, but we did not want to divert the expertise of our data analysts to designing graphical routines,” said Dr Marc Farr, Product Development Manager at Dr Foster Intelligence. “InstantAtlas from GeoWise was the ideal solution being cost-effective and easy to implement without requiring any web or database programming skills. We have had great feedback from users on how it brings the data to life.”

KIGS contains the Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) Indicators which pull together information from a number of sources which together are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the performance of each council. Data are available going back to 1998-99. Data used in KIGS are taken mainly from The Information Centre for health and social care and Department for Education and Skills (DfES) returns with population and Census data provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Mike Forster, Managing Director of GeoWise commented: “KIGS is a great example of how professional analysts and researchers can generate great value by enhancing reporting of geographic data and performance indicators from a modest investment in InstantAtlas.”

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About Dr Foster Intelligence

Dr Foster Intelligence is a public/private partnership that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and social care through better use of information. It is the market-leading provider of information, analysis, training, and targeted communications and its management information products are currently used by over 70 per cent of NHS acute trusts to track key patient outcome indicators. See also:

About GeoWise & InstantAtlas
GeoWise develops and sells InstantAtlas a powerful software tool for the graphical presentation of location-based statistical data which makes local and regional patterns easy to see and explore. It allows templates to be used to present spatial and temporal indicators and statistics as eye-catching, interactive area profiles, atlases, dashboards, and performance reports.

The GeoWise team has a unique blend of skills in design, software, geography and statistics. See also:

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