ArcGIS Survey Analyst 9.2 Offers a Survey-based Approach to Land Information Management
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ArcGIS Survey Analyst 9.2 Offers a Survey-based Approach to Land Information Management

Includes Cadastral Editor—a new workflow to help you incrementally improve the accuracy of your data

Redlands, California, August 1, 2007 -- New parcel editing tools make the latest version of ESRI’s ArcGIS Survey Analyst with Cadastral Editor the most comprehensive release yet. The application’s new capabilities enable users to record and maintain survey data and continuous parcel layers as elements that are part of an integrated dataset and data model, called the cadastral fabric.

“ArcGIS Survey Analyst’s new Cadastral Editor resolves many of the dilemmas of maintaining cadastral data,” says David VanPelt, City of Encinitas , CA , GIS project manager. “There is always the push/pull of maintaining rigor and accuracy of data, yet keeping practicality to maintenance. Cadastral Editor strikes a perfect balance—rigor with easy workflow, and software guidance coupled with familiar editing tools.”

ArcGIS Survey Analyst enables surveyors and geographic information system (GIS) professionals to create and maintain survey and cadastral data in ArcGIS. With this application surveyors can centrally locate, process, and manage their data, enabling them to work more efficiently. GIS professionals use ArcGIS Survey Analyst to manage and continually enhance the accuracy of their data using existing survey methodologies. With the latest release, record data can be held in a continuous database supporting a GIS system for complete spatial data management and analysis. With ArcGIS Survey Analyst 9.2 you can
These new features and capabilities for ArcGIS Survey Analyst 9.2 are released as part of the ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3, which can be downloaded from the ESRI Support Web site at To learn more about ArcGIS Survey Analyst or to evaluate, visit GIS and survey solution information is available at

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