ClickSoftware Strengthens Customer-Centric Real-Time Scheduling with Online Traffic Updates
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ClickSoftware Strengthens Customer-Centric Real-Time Scheduling with Online Traffic Updates

New Add-On Feature to ClickSchedule and ClickMobile Displays and Processes Real-Time Traffic Data, Enabling Companies to Reduce Travel Time, Increase Customer Satisfaction

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, August 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ClickSoftware (NasdaqCM:CKSW) today unveiled the first street-level routing (SLR) tool that incorporates real-time traffic data so field technicians can avoid the snarls that delay service - ensuring on-time arrivals and increasing customer satisfaction. The new functionality extends the capabilities of ClickSoftware's optimized mobile workforce management solution enabling them to dynamically select the shortest travel time - not necessarily the shortest distance ­ to minimize time on the road and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Utilities, telcos, home appliance, IT and office equipment companies, and many other service organizations depend on SLR applications based on geographic information systems (GIS) to determine the best route for field technicians to take from job to job. These systems use static GIS points, and can't predict if a new construction or a vehicle accident will cause a 30-minute delay. Recently, a new service is emerging offering real-time traffic updates. ClickSchedule and ClickMobile can now make use of such services to respond optimally and in real time to traffic delays caused by accidents, construction, traffic jams and other unexpected events in order to re-schedule and/or re-route field resources traveling to either same-day service appointments or those appointments booked weeks in advance.

"Customer demand for increasingly narrow service windows is compelling service organizations to invest in technologies that enable field service optimization," said Amit Jain, Research Director, Strategic Service Management Practice at Aberdeen Group. "In fact, a recent Aberdeen study revealed that real-time optimization has yielded such performance improvements as 30% increase in work orders completed per day and double-digit decrease in windshield time. Ability to make routing decisions based on real-time traffic updates will enable service organizations to improve service efficiency resulting in faster service issue resolution."

ClickSchedule and ClickMobile receive online traffic updates on an as-needed basis, and compare that information to the GIS routes between jobs. If the traffic updates indicate a problem, ClickSchedule and ClickMobile can automatically reroute field technicians to a faster path. ClickSchedule can either deliver the real-time traffic updates to dispatchers and/or automatically revise schedules for optimum service delivery, while ClickMobile delivers the information directly to field technicians via their mobile devices.

The new add-on traffic update feature allows service organizations to set rules on how to handle different scenarios. For example, managers can determine whether to have the system automatically reroute field technicians and push the schedule out (based on the anticipated delay), or do it manually. Organizations with busy field workforces will likely choose to automate the process while other organizations may choose to handle traffic-related situations on a case-by-case scenario.

"Street-level routing with online traffic updates is like having a personal traffic helicopter fly above field technicians, giving them, as well as dispatchers and the software's decision making engine, up-to-the-minute traffic views and telling them where to go and/or which jobs to reschedule to maintain on-time arrivals," said ClickSoftware Chairman and CEO Dr. Moshe BenBassat." This will enable our clients to operate closer to the real time service enterprise concept."

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