Data Collection merges to form new company Yotta DCL
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Data Collection merges to form new company Yotta DCL

Oxford, UK, 23 August 2007 – Yotta and Data Collection Ltd have merged to form a brand new company, known as Yotta DCL. Yotta DCL is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oxford Metrics Group plc and the merger propels Yotta DCL to the forefront of the geospatial highway data collection industry. Through the amalgamation of Yotta’s and Data Collection’s complementary products and services, the all-new Yotta DCL is expected to be an unrivalled market force in highways surveying.

The merger fuels Yotta DCL’s mission of developing next generation product and cutting edge services by its team of visionary scientists and engineers. Yotta DCL provides the most accurate and complete visual survey in the world with intelligent highway data collection technology that simultaneously captures and identifies all aspects of roadside information, automatically mapping the precise location of each and every detail of the highway.

Formed in 1993, Data Collection Ltd is one of the largest dedicated highways surveying companies in the UK, catering for a wide range of data collection and analysis requirements for Highway Authorities of all sizes. Now with the merger and formation of Yotta DCL, the innovative technology and expertise in sophisticated highways surveying is set to transform the way that we map the world.

Yotta DCL is part of the Oxford Metrics Group of companies that produces image-understanding solutions for the entertainment, defence, life science and engineering industries. Be it for capturing the movements of actors for movie animations, sportsmen for video games, children with Cerebral Palsy or rehab patients, or virtual reality displays for engineering and development, the Group has the world leading market position and a strong international reputation for precision instruments.

David Lowe, Yotta DCL Managing Director, said: "The new company provides a great platform for us to take advantage of the growing demand for highly detailed information from highways management and intelligent mapping organisations. Through Data Collection Limited we now have 15 years of highways surveying expertise to combine with Yotta's ability to automatically map the precise location of each and every detail of the highway. Yotta DCL can now provide the most accurate and complete highway survey available, by extracting tiny details from massive datasets."

Steve Batchelor, Director of Data Collection Limited, commented: "When we first met Yotta the appeal of their technology was immediate. Having been involved in highways management all my working life, it was obvious to me the benefit and change that the vision software could bring to our market. Data Collection has always been about long-term customers and high quality execution - because we’ve been highways engineers we know how important it is to have high quality survey information. By combining Yotta’s technology with our team's knowledge and our business's market presence, Yotta DCL can really go places."
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