NAVTEQ(R) Map Data and NAVTEQ Traffic(TM) Services Selected by Teletrac for Use in Navigation Products
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NAVTEQ(R) Map Data and NAVTEQ Traffic(TM) Services Selected by Teletrac for Use in Navigation Products

Teletrac Probe Data to Enhance NAVTEQ Traffic Solutions

CHICAGO, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT), a leading global provider of digital map data for location-based solutions and vehicle navigation, announced today an agreement with Teletrac, Inc., a leading supplier of fleet management, navigation and vehicle diagnostic solutions, to provide NAVTEQ map data and NAVTEQ Traffic for Teletrac's Fleet Director Turn-By-Turn (TBT) navigation system.

In addition to utilizing NAVTEQ map data in their navigation products, Teletrac will be a contributing supplier of GPS probe data for NAVTEQ's exclusive use as a map data and traffic services supplier. The Teletrac real- time probe data feed extends NAVTEQ Traffic probe coverage in the U.S. providing the highest frequency of updating in the industry today. NAVTEQ Traffic products are created from high quality sources such as proprietary and government sensors, proprietary incident data, and probe data that offer comprehensive end-to-end traffic solutions.

"This deal will enhance the products of Teletrac and NAVTEQ and will give us a platform for working together in the future. The quality of NAVTEQ maps and traffic information is the best the U.S. has to offer and our customers can only benefit from their inclusion in the Teletrac offering. In addition, we are delighted to supply NAVTEQ with our high-quality probe data to expand upon their existing traffic data sources," commented Tim Van Cleve, Teletrac COO.

"Teletrac continues to offer innovative solutions for fleet customers, and with the launch of TBT, it is obvious that high quality map and traffic data is critical in premium fleet navigation solutions," stated Roy Kolstad, Vice President and General Manager - Enterprise, NAVTEQ.

TBT provides speed-calibrated, real-time, turn-by-turn, verbal directions to guide drivers to their selected destinations. NAVTEQ map data will provide dispatchers with real-time information on the location and availability status of each fleet vehicle. NAVTEQ Traffic will be offered as an add-on feature to TBT, providing drivers and dispatchers with real-time traffic information.

About Teletrac

Teletrac, Inc., based in Garden Grove, California, is the originator of wireless metro vehicle location systems. The company's products give commercial fleet managers the tools to track their fleets' performance, ensure that their employees are meeting productivity goals and fulfilling the needs of their respective customers. Teletrac's customers include well-known entities such as the Ryder Inc., City of Houston and several national companies such as Builders First Source, Stewart Stevenson, Mr. Rooter, and many other nationally-franchised businesses. Teletrac is a private, wholly- owned subsidiary of UK-based Trafficmaster, Plc, the leading intelligent driving services supplier. For more information, please visit Teletrac on the Web at


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