New software version of OpenLM booster for ESRI floating licenses
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New software version of OpenLM booster for ESRI floating licenses

OpenLM is proud to announce the release of a new version 1.3.0 for ESRI ArcGIS

October 11, 2007 -- 
OpenLM announced today 11 of October 2007 the launch of the OpenLM for ESRI ArcGIS floating license users. The software is available for download and evaluation at the OpenLM web site.
OpenLM for ESRI ArcGIS is designed to leverage your investment in the popular ESRI Desktop ArcGIS family of products: ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo. OpenLM offers a dramatic improvement in the availability of software license for the end users and has a significant influence on users productivity.

OpenLM can cut to minimum the idle time of your software products. Sites that use OpenLM report an outstanding improvement in license availability, and teams enjoy significant increase in productivity as a direct result.

The new management interface EasyAdmin, for Macrovision FLEXnet (Globetrotter FLEXlm) floating licenses, allow the system administrator to access and manage the license server from any workstation on the network and even outside it. On this first version OpenLM EasyAdmin allow the management of floating licenses and users. Future versions will include a lot of additional functionality and important tools for the system manager.

The OpenLM Light system (free version) is not as powerful as the original software, but nevertheless it is a very strong system with the ability to dramatically improve the life of any system manager. If you are working on a shoestring budget and are prevented from buying the original OpenLM Full system, the Light version is perfect for you.

The main focus of version 1.3.0 is on the EasyAdmin interface for the use of system administrators, and the launch of the new OpenLM Light version. Additionally, several problems which were identified at the 1.2 version were resolved, offering improved interface for users as well as overall enhancement of the system.

Version 1.3.0 of OpenLM include:

OpenLM Server

* OpenLM EasyAdmin - is an interface for the management of user/license with any system that uses floating licenses.
* Additional improvements in the setup process.
* Added local HTTP server to allow immediate activation of EasyAdmin following the setup.

OpenLM Agent and Extension

* ArcGIS extension now supports RO (read only) projects.
* The license status report is now accurate up to the last 5 seconds.
* A refresh button was added to the license status window.
* In networks where users log in with Administrator permissions an OpenLM server settings can hide the exit option from the agent.

For additional information please contact us by using the contact form at the OpenLM website, or by contacting us directly:

CTO - Oren Gabay
Email Contact

Sales Manager - Doron Regev

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