Geosemble Technologies Awarded USAF Phase II Map Fusion Contract
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Geosemble Technologies Awarded USAF Phase II Map Fusion Contract

16 October 2007 -- El Segundo, CA -- Geosemble Technologies, Inc., has won a Phase II contract from the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research to automatically extract and fuse information from maps with satellite imagery.

As part of the program, Geosemble Technologies, in collaboration with the University of Southern California, will build upon its work in map fusion and imagery analysis to refine its GeoMap System, designed to locate, register, and automatically extract textures and text from maps to support imagery analysis for a range of users.

The GeoMap system is designed to automatically find online maps out of various types of online images and then extract road layer, text and road intersections from raster maps by applying a sequence of image processing techniques. GeoMap then matches maps with imagery by matching extracted intersections and road vector data intersections, and then applies a patented, Digital Rubber Sheeting technique to automatically align maps with imagery. Users apply a visualization tool that allows them to select a region of imagery and compare it to map data, and then intuitively overlay their selected map layers on the imagery.

By applying several new fusion technologies, Geosemble can allow users of GeoMap to automatically locate online maps, automatically align the maps with satellite imagery, and automatically extract the information contained in maps, such as the street and building names, landmarks, road networks, hydrographic layers, and the textual labels on the information. The resulting technology will allow a user to view a satellite image for any place in the world, automatically find and align the maps covering that region, and then overlay selected layers from the map to quickly gain a deep understanding of the image under review. A key benefit of this capability is that the system fuses the data quickly and automatically, thereby dramatically reducing the time and manpower required to reach the same conclusions manually.

Users include military decision makers faced with vast amounts of map data and an insufficient number of intelligence analysts, as well as commercial market users in the real estate industry, the oil and gas industry, highway transportation, geological surveying, and other users of maps and satellite imagery.

About Geosemble Technologies:

Geosemble Technologies Inc., provides technology for automatically and accurately fusing a range of data sources to create decision-ready knowledge. Data fusion sources include maps, satellite imagery, aerial imagery, road network data, and online sources, such as text documents. Based in El Segundo, CA, the company was founded in 2004 and supports a range of Government and Commercial customers.

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