thincSoft Acquires Intellectual Property of SSS Research
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thincSoft Acquires Intellectual Property of SSS Research

LISLE, Ill.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—November 5, 2007— thincSoft, LLC announced today that it has finalized an agreement with the founders of SSS Research to acquire the intellectual property rights of SSS Research.

Under this agreement, SSS Research will remain an independent consulting entity focused exclusively on delivering geospatial visualization solutions and services to the United States Department of Defense. thincSoft will focus on the growing Business Intelligence and Asset Tracking software markets with targeted Visual Intelligence(TM) solutions utilizing geospatial and spatial technologies originally developed by SSS Research.

"We are very excited about the structure of this relationship," said Dr. Stephen Eick, founder of SSS Research. "As the Enterprise Business Intelligence and Asset Tracking markets continue to evolve in their need for location intelligence and improved visualization, thincSoft is positioned to be a leading solution provider."

"SSS has developed and delivered the leading platform for location intelligence over their years of work with the U.S. government for tens of thousands of users," said Mike Profita, thincSoft President. "Because corporate data often has a location component, the commercialization of this technology will offer wide reaching benefits to many industries."

Recent studies have indicated growing demand for these types of solutions. A recent report released by Business Week indicated that over 80% of data maintained by corporations has a location component. Another survey--by Geospatial Solutions--showed that nearly 90% of respondents indicated a growing demand for location-based data across their organization. This growth is driven primarily by the value delivered in location-intelligence solutions across industries. These benefits include: reduced capital and operating expenses by tracking pumps and diagnostic equipment in hospitals and providing greater visualization into asset location; Improved sales and reduced unsold inventory in retailers by better clustering stores and inventory based on analysis of customer and demographic trends; Improved response time and reduced risk of casualties of first responders through greater visualization of all team member locations within a target area; and many more.

thincSoft's suite of Visual Intelligence (VI)(TM) software is available as a fully-configurable Web 2.0 solution for corporations and as an OEM solution for software vendors and systems integrators looking to enhance current BI, geospatial, or RFID/Asset Tracking solutions with a location visualization and analysis component.

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About SSS Research

SSS Research has served the Federal IT marketplace since 2003 across the Department of Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and other agencies. Core competencies include thin client visualization and analytics and systems development.

About thincSoft

thincSoft has developed a unique Visual Intelligence(VI)(TM) product set - thincVIew and thincTrax - which bring together the power of geospatial visualization technology and business intelligence into a thin-client SOA-compliant platform. Simply put, we help our customers visualize their data in ways never before possible, helping them make better decisions. The Web 2.0 platform allows this solution to integrate with any data source and be deployed and interacted with in real time on any thin-client via browser, including hand-held and mobile devices.

Core commercially-available products include:

-- thincVIew - a Business Intelligence application - combines spatial or geospatial data with business intelligence (BI) data to enable location and time-specific analysis in a unique visualization solution through any portal.

-- thincTrax - an Asset Tracking and Visualization solution - interacts with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), GPS, or other data and provides a visualization and business rules solution for managing critical assets or personnel, location intelligence and situational awareness.

thincSoft, thincVIew, thincTrax, Visual Intelligence and VI are trademarks of thincsoft, LLC.


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