Sarah Germaney joins Yotta DCL as regional sharpshooter
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Sarah Germaney joins Yotta DCL as regional sharpshooter

December 04, 2007 -- Oxfird, UK - Geospatial data collection and highway survey specialist Yotta DCL has appointed Sarah Germaney as Northern UK Account Manager. Sarah joins Yotta DCL from English County Council West Sussex to support customers and promote the company's innovative surveying services throughout northern England.

Sarah extensive experience with managing and resolving customers' issues whilst employed by West Sussex's Highways Department as Customer Services Officer brings important client support skills to Yotta DCL. With her unique insider perspective, Sarah is fully aware of the issues faced by Highways Departments and how they have to respond to stakeholders' requirements. Sarah will ensure that all northern Local Authorities are well informed about the range of solutions available from Yotta DCL.

“My goal for Yotta DCL is to ensure that there are clear lines of communication between the company and our customers. We provide innovative cost-effective surveys and it is my responsibility to make sure that customers are informed about what Yotta DCL can do for them. I consider that my job is to help build strong relationships between our organisation and Local Authorities; I understand many of the issues they face and I will be able to match their needs with Yotta DCL's services,” says Sarah.

“Sarah's insight on the workings of Local Authorities adds additional perspectives to what we offer Local Authorities. Her experience will help Yotta DCL promote and provide services that meet the exact requirements of our customers in the north. Sarah provides a crucial link between Yotta DCL and our customers and this enables an excellent opportunity for an open dialogue that will enable us to develop our offerings and business opportunities,” says David Lowe, Director, Yotta DCL.

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