Proximex, Developer of Award-Winning Physical Security Solutions, Announces Surveillint 3.0
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Proximex, Developer of Award-Winning Physical Security Solutions, Announces Surveillint 3.0

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—December 12, 2007— Proximex, a developer of award-winning solutions for the physical security information market (PSIM), announced today that Surveillint 3.0 will be available in early 2008. Proximex Surveillint(TM) is a premier physical security solution for policy-based incident discovery, connection and resolution. Version 3.0 offers several new technologies designed to speed incident response times and resolution, improve the apprehension rates of suspicious persons and decrease the time required to generate reports.

"Security teams are pressured to be aware of all incidents within the company environment, then connect and report the information with speed and brevity. However, since existing systems do not 'talk' to one another, it becomes an inefficient and error-ridden manual process to connect the right incidents and information," said Jack Smith, chief executive officer of Proximex. "Proximex Surveillint 3.0 offers the power, speed and efficiency required to discover seemingly disconnected incidents, then communicate and report them to all necessary personnel in order to protect an organization's assets, people and sites."

New in Proximex Surveillint 3.0 - Discover. Connect. Resolve.

-- Incident Workflow Engine: Surveillint 3.0 now provides amazing customization capabilities. A drag-and-drop rule designer builds decision tree workflows to address any custom user specification without needing to write a single line of code. In addition, new capabilities for finding and fixing errors offer confidence in testing and verification;

-- EZ Track(TM) Technology: Surveillint 3.0 makes tracking suspects across multiple cameras as easy as clicking an arrow. Suspects can be trailed backwards in time or caught up with in real time. EZ Track lets security officers move seamlessly from recorded to live video, snap video images and even export video fast;

-- PocketSurveillint(TM): Security personnel can reach the field quickly with accurate information using PocketSurveillint. Using any mobile device, PocketSurveillint can deliver automated incident information and immediate two-way communication between the field and the office. Of utmost importance, this technology enables first responders to be notified with speed and accuracy;

-- GIS Integration: GPS maps can now be integrated in the security officers' toolbox. Surveillint allows security personnel to use and drill down GPS maps as well as display and track security resources, like field officers;

-- Flexible Reporting: Surveillint provides automated yet configurable reporting, saving hours of time. In addition to developing custom incident reports, Surveillint can build suspect tracking reports and generate trend reports for proactive resource management.

"Surveillint's Incident Workflow Engine allows security personnel to concentrate on execution of planned responses instead of wasting time trying to assess and reassess the unfolding situation," said Ray Bernard, industry advisor and Board Certified Physical Security Consultant, RBCS. "It enables optimal response to real-time risks, reducing vulnerability. It also frees the attention of responding individuals so they can better respond to any unplanned turn of events."

About Proximex Surveillint(TM) - Discover. Connect. Resolve.

Proximex Surveillint is a premier physical security solution for policy-based incident discovery, connection and resolution. Powered by sophisticated rules and workflow engines, Surveillint takes advantage of existing security systems to speed incident response times, improve suspect apprehension rates and shorten the time required to resolve incidents and generate reports.

Operators prefer Surveillint for its intuitive and comprehensive interface, supervisors like its incident reporting and auditing, and management approves of its ability to provide a complete overview of the organization's entire security environment. In just one solution, Proximex allows different security professionals, regardless of their level within the organizations, to communicate with one another as well as view the information required for their duties.

"Powered by sophisticated rules and workflow engines, Surveillint 3.0 is the most scalable physical security platform on the market," said Ken P. Cheng, chief technology officer at Proximex. "Surveillint easily integrates an organization's existing devices, such as access control, video surveillance, intelligent video, RFID, radar, building management, chemical, biological and other security-related sensors. This seamless integration ensures that security teams can connect, resolve and report critical incidents with accuracy and speed."

About Proximex

Proximex is leading the physical security information management (PSIM) market with its exceptional and award-winning products. Its flagship product, Surveillint(TM), powers users with an intelligent and flexible system to discover, connect and resolve related security incidents fast. Surveillint's impressive feature set makes it the preferred choice of security users at all levels in an organization, including operators, supervisors and executive management. Its customer base includes entities with an urgent need for security systems management, such as San Diego International Airport, the busiest single-runway airport, and Fortune 1000 organizations in such industries as: public safety and transportation; banking and financial services; gas, oil and chemical; and the military. Proximex is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with offices in Texas, Tennessee and Florida. For more information about Proximex, visit Trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


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