GGP Delivers New Addressing Standard to Gosport
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GGP Delivers New Addressing Standard to Gosport

December 13, 2007 -- GGP Systems, the GIS and address management solutions supplier to Local Authorities in the UK, has supported Gosport Council in an ambitious project to upgrade their centralised address resource. Migration to the new National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG): 2006 BS7666 standard was undertaken using GGP’s advanced gazetteer management software, NGz, by Council staff with the support and guidance of GGP’s highly experienced and dedicated NLPG team.

“It is a reflection of the quality of both the software solution and the support of the GGP team that, during the migration process, there has been no disruption to service and our users have been completely unaware of the major changes that have been implemented,” said Martin Bailey, Business Systems Manager at Gosport Council. He continued, “The highly complex process of co-ordinating this upgrade across several systems was very much smoothed by the professional yet friendly approach of GGP personnel.”

The NPLG is a definitive national address database that provides a unique fingerprint for every property in England and Wales. It is revolutionising local government by allowing quick, easy access to public information, facilitating the transformation of Council services and enabling truly joined up government. From October 2007 all 375 Councils in England and Wales must be able to transfer data to the national NLPG hub in compliance with the new data transfer format standard, which promises to revolutionise the way Local Authority custodians create and manage addresses.

Gosport Council is a long time user of GGP’s software solutions that are specially designed to meet the needs of Local Government. Their original centralised address database (Local Land and Property Gazetteer / LLPG) was created using GGP NGz back in 2000. By combining address information from disparate Council databases, such as Council Tax, Housing and Non Domestic Rates, the Council created a ‘master’ address file for use throughout the organisation. This corporate information resource is currently providing benefit throughout the organisation with links to and integration with the Council’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, their public facing online mapping tool and a range of back office systems in Environmental Health, Council Tax and Planning to name just a few.

In addition to the ongoing use of GGP NGz Gosport Council also has an estimated 100 users of GGP’s geographical information system (GIS) and are pioneering the use of a dedicated contaminated land management module. The Council also uses eGGP, the mapping to web solution, to power their online mapping facility which delivers a range of geographically based Council information and services to visitors to Gosport’s public facing website.
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