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ViaCAD Pro Now Shipping

Affordable and easy-to-use 2D/3D professional-level design software available for Mac and PC

Kansas City, MO, USA, January 14, 2008- Punch! Software, LLC, a leading provider of 3D design solutions, announced the release of its new ViaCAD™ Pro product for Mac and PC. ViaCAD Pro is a new addition to the ViaCAD family of products, providing highly functional, low-cost 2D/3D design product for sophisticated, precise, general-purpose design.

State of the Art Modeling Tools: ViaCAD Pro gives designers the power to push beyond the boundaries of traditional curve, surface, and solid modeling by including cutting edge deformation and warping technology which can bend, stretch, twist, and deform NURB bodies independent of design history. Additionally, ViaCAD provides sophisticated modeling features such as:

•        Associative NURBS-based surface creation and editing
•        History & feature based solid modeling
•        Constant and variable radius blending and chamfering
•        Bending surface and solids along curve
•        Local face editing tools for working with foreign parts
•        G1/G2 Surface Edge Matching
•        N-Sided Covers, Tangent Covers, and Surface Fills

Versatile, Intelligent Modeling Methods: ViaCAD Pro supports an integrated collection of 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools. You choose the tools or combination of tools you need for the task at hand. The different construction methods work together with transparent associativity and a history tree to provide rapid design modifications. Or use our local face modeling tools to edit parts imported from other CAD applications.

Industry-Standard Interoperability: ViaCAD Pro provides an extensive set of interoperability solutions for professional industry standard data sharing through IGES, STEP, and SAT. Additional formats include OBJ, SketchUp®, AutoCAD® 2008 DXF/DWG, Adobe Illustrator, Rhinoceros®, STL, 3DS Max®, and more.

ViaCAD first came to the market in January 2007 with its $99 ViaCAD product, offering 2D and 3D design software that is affordable and easy to use. ViaCAD Pro delivers all the productivity found in ViaCAD, along with greater functionality with its highly versatile advanced 3D modeling tools. These tools enable very high-end, rapid 3D modeling, not normally found in inexpensive CAD design software, including surface analysis, bending along a curve, surface lofting, and G1/G2 edge matching.

Pricing and Availability: ViaCAD Pro is available at Staples, Fry’s, and Amazon with a suggested retail price of $495. Designers interested in trying out ViaCAD Pro can benefit from a 14-day free trial of the software at the company’s web site. Trial versions, fully licensed copies and upgrades from ViaCAD 2D/3D, Concepts 3D, and other packages are available from Punch! Software’s web site at:


About Punch! Software
Punch! Software was founded in 1998 with the premise that 3D design software should be as fun to use as it is productive. With more than 2 million units of its Mac and Windows products sold via retail stores across the world, Punch! Software has consistently been the best-selling home and landscape design retail software brand in the U.S. for the last 7 years. The company excels in providing highly productive, but very affordable, software that appeals to 3D design hobbyist and professional users.
Product developed and marketed by Punch! Software include: ViaCAD 2D™, ViaCAD 2D/3D™, ViaCAD Pro™, Shark™, Shark FX™, Professional Home Design Suite®, Home Design Studio™, Home Design Architectural Series™, Master Landscape & Home Design®, and Interior Design Suite™. Punch! Software is based in Kansas City, MO. More information on Punch! Software can be found at and

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