GeoNorth Helps the City of Sherwood Adjust to Rapid Growth by Implementing Enterprise GIS
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GeoNorth Helps the City of Sherwood Adjust to Rapid Growth by Implementing Enterprise GIS

January 23, 2008 -- Portland, Oregon The City of Sherwood is one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Oregon.  It was also rated as one of Money Magazine’s 2007 Best Places to live in the United States.  As the City continues to grow, pressure is placed on City staff to better manage and maintain infrastructure as well as information in order to improve efficiencies and decision making.  Part of becoming more efficient was the decision to implement an Enterprise GIS. 

GeoNorth initially completed a situational analysis that provided the City with an executive report outlining needs, requirements, and costs associated with GIS implementation and integration with other business systems.  In July 2007 GeoNorth immediately went to work laying the foundation for an Enterprise GIS.  This included providing system architecture recommendations, ArcGIS Server software procurement and installation services, and developing geodatabase designs for utility infrastructure that would accommodate the integration with Hansen’s Asset Management System. 

GeoNorth completed extensive CAD data conversion of all Sanitary and Storm water assets and populated the geodatabases.  The data development phase included creating a database for street segments and intersections to support pavement management needs.   GeoNorth also developed a geoprocessing data loading application to conveniently and quickly refresh 3rd party data on a regular basis.

By December of 2007 a comprehensive web based GIS was implemented to meet the needs of the City and its citizens.  The web solution features an interactive web based GIS for display, query, analysis and reporting.  From this system, Public Works staff can quickly access CCTV videos and as-built documents.  Maintenance information will also be accessed once the asset management system is fully implemented.  For citizens, an intuitive report centric solution was developed for presenting spatial and tabular data.   

According to Ross Schultz, Sherwood’s City Manger, “I have known that shrinking sources of revenue and increasing human resource costs will continue to put pressure on providing the quality service our Citizens demand.  Sherwood’s strategy has been to address this issue with the planned infusion of technology so that we may keep our productivity at its highest level.  GeoNorth has done an excellent job of helping us with that goal.  Implementing GIS technology will allow Sherwood citizens direct access to City data and eliminate the need for staff involvement.”

In the short time the system has been in place it has already saved employees time accessing information and improved decision making.  Having information integrated and presented in a map context makes it easier to locate and understand.  Staff are quickly realizing how quickly additional information can be integrated.  Current efforts are underway to incorporate licensed business locations and the City’s fiber optic network infrastructure.    

For this project GeoNorth took a pragmatic approach which delivered immediate results and an extensible forward looking solution.  Paul Ortiz, Public Works GIS Analyst states, “GeoNorth has proved to be an excellent resource for the City of Sherwood.  The solutions offered by GeoNorth are exactly what we need to ensure optimal success of work flow and data management.  They delivered our GIS system on time and offered excellent customer service through the entire process.”  

About GeoNorth:

Founded in 1994 with offices in Alaska, Oregon and Idaho, GeoNorth has successfully completed diverse projects and developed a number of enterprise software solutions for clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  GeoNorth develops “data-driven” solutions that are both easy to use and easy to maintain.  GeoNorth pioneered many enterprise GIS products including the world’s first commercial internet GIS solution (MapOptix™) and the world’s first ESRI based extensible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution that truly spatially enables the enterprise.

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