MapText Releases GeoLabel Pro – An Integrated Text Placement Software for GeoMedia
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MapText Releases GeoLabel Pro – An Integrated Text Placement Software for GeoMedia

January 28, 2008 -- MapText, Inc., producers of Label-EZ – the high-quality multi-GIS compatible text placement software, is pleased to announce the release of GeoLabel Pro, an integrated and easy-to-use text placement solution for GeoMedia. GeoLabel Pro offers dynamic and static labeling modes and also a suite of post-editing tools for generating aesthetically pleasing maps.

Realizing the ever increasing emphasis on high-quality maps in the various applications of GIS, MapText has responded to the strong demand from the Intergraph user-community for an easy-to-use and affordably priced desktop labeling product within GeoMedia. GeoMedia users will benefit from using GeoLabel Pro for making simple maps for presentation or high-quality maps for publication. GeoLabel Pro delivers high aesthetic quality maps for on-screen viewing or printing and its intuitive user interface guarantees a fast learning process. The software provides a high placement percentage that minimizes the need for post editing, and thus, users realize a high and immediate return on their investments.

GeoLabel Pro shares the same powerful labeling engine as the flagship product Label-EZ. It provides users with an intuitive user interface for setting up labeling rules and styles with ease. The various placement capabilities for line, point, and area features are illustrated by descriptive pictograms.

The key characteristics of GeoLabel Pro include: Some of the many configurable placement rules are: For more information and a Flash video tutorial, please visit the GeoLabel product page at

About MapText, Inc.
MapText is the leading label-placement solutions provider for local, state, and national government mapping agencies worldwide. Its software places text automatically for virtually any kind of map or chart – to high cartographic standards and at incredible speed. The software is in use worldwide for making city street maps, highway maps, cadastral maps, soil maps, utility maps, as well as nautical and aeronautical charts. For more information, visit our website at

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