DUSB2 - USB 2.0 IP Device Controller
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DUSB2 - USB 2.0 IP Device Controller

Feb 14, 2008 - Digital Core Design today has announced the DUSB2 - USB 2.0 IP Device Controller. DUSB2 device controller has been designed with special care to assure its effortless usage inside target applications such as Human Interface Devices (HID), Mass Storage (MS), and Audio. This special care has been assured by including along with the DUSB2 synthesizable HDL Source code, ready to use software drivers for HID, MS and Audio put into action in real working applications. All is offered as a single package contains HDL Source code and software application preloaded into DoCD Kit prototyping board. Customer basically plugs the USB cable into workstation and DoCD PCB board, and appropriate device is visible under its operating system. For example, Mass Storage device can be used to store data on DoCD kit Compact Flash memory, and is of course visible as another portable system disc, or Audio from workstation can be played on DoCD kit upon connection of headphones or speakers to the DoCD kit. Such package allows customer to rapidly check that delivered system works as it should and saves a lot of time and effort to build environments to check the functionality of the product.

The DUSB2 IP Core device controller has been designed and validated to strictly conform to USB Specification v2.0. It completely supports Full and High Speed USB data transmission rates. It assures to have any possible configuration of DUSB2 to suit certain application requirements. It supports up to 16 endpoints and works with 8-, 16- and 32-bit CPUs. The DUSB2 core is delivered with fully automated testbench and complete set of tests allowing easy package validation at each stage of SoC design flow.

DUSB2 in connection with DP8051XP product and DoCD Kit are used to create three main USB Design Platforms for rapid prototyping: Human Interface Devices (HID), Mass Storage (MS), and Audio. Please refer to the following page to obtain more information about DUSB2 product.

About Digital Core Design

DCD is a private Intellectual Property (IP) Core provider and System-on-Chip (SoC) design house, an expert in IP cores architecture improvements. DCD sells its products and services directly and through its global distribution network. DCD offers VHDL and Verilog high performance and synthesizable IP cores for a speed optimized 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors, peripherals, serial interfaces, floating point arithmetic units and coprocessors. The functionality of IP solutions offered by DCD were up to date appreciated by over 200 licenses sold to over 150 customers worldwide, such as: INTEL, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, TOYOTA, MAXIM, RAYTHEON, OSRAM, GENERAL ELECTRIC, FARADAY, SAGEM, FLEXTRONICS and GOODRICH. DCD also became a member of first-class branch partner programs as: AMPP of ALTERA, AllianceCORE of XILINX, ispLeverCORE Connection of LATTICE and IP Catalyst of SYNOPSYS. For more information, please visit: www.dcd.pl.