The Sidwell Company to Provide Cadastral Solutions to Santa Fe County, NM
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The Sidwell Company to Provide Cadastral Solutions to Santa Fe County, NM

March 18, 2008 -- St. Charles, IL – The Sidwell Company has been selected to provide GIS professional services to Santa Fe County, NM. Specifically, Sidwell will be converting the County’s GIS from an existing coverage format to the tagged data model in ESRI’s Geodatabase data format; installing, configuring and versioning ArcGIS® Server; implementing the Parcel Builder™ map maintenance solution; and providing focused ArcMap® and Parcel Builder training. Sidwell’s Parcel Builder-Administrator™ software module will also be installed, which will enable the County to generate state-mandated unique parcel codes (UPCs) from the GIS.

As part of this project, Manatron has also been selected to provide CAMA software, with which Sidwell will integrate the GIS. In addition, Sidwell will design an interactive GIS website for the converted cadastral data and provide a fully integrated component with the CAMA software—including a one-page interface with an interactive map and access to related CAMA records in the County’s system. Designed as an open access data portal available to the public and to local government agencies, the GIS website will meet Santa Fe County’s goals of having a GIS portal with user-friendly query and reporting tools.

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Sidwell’s Parcel Builder™ is the premier parcel mapping solution for ESRI’s ArcGIS® 9.2 software. Fully compliant with the newest technology from ESRI, Parcel Builder provides users with a comprehensive GIS-based land records management solution that features simplified interfaces, significantly streamlines most common cadastral mapping tasks, and allows for complete integration of GIS, Tax and CAMA workflows. For more information about Parcel Builder, or Sidwell’s GIS, aerial photography, photogrammetric and mapping services, contact the company at 877.SIDWELL (877.743-9355), or visit their websites at or

ESRI and ArcGIS® 9.2 are licensed trademarks of ESRI. For more information about GIS industry leader ESRI, contact the company at 800.GIS.XPRT (800.447.9778) or visit them on the web at

Manatron is a nationwide customer and property-centric company with over 38 years of innovative software and system development breakthroughs. Manatron designs, develops, markets and supports a family of web-based and client-server application property software products for state and local governments. Manatron’s products support back-office processes for governmental jurisdictions, while helping them also meet the broader needs of taxpayers, industry professionals and businesses via eGovernment and Internet applications. Manatron also provides mass revaluation, appraisal and consulting services to help ensure updated and equitable property values. Visit Manatron on the web at

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