TerraGo Technologies Inc. Expands Network In The Middle East
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TerraGo Technologies Inc. Expands Network In The Middle East

April 04, 2008 -- Ideal Solutions Corp (ISC), a leading Qatari-based service provider has signed an agreement with TerraGo Technologies to represent the Map2PDF software suite in the Gulf region. ISC provides a full range of geo-based services and products and has specific expertise within the Real Estate, Land Information and Security industries.

The agreement, brokered by london-based agency Quarry One Eleven, will see ISC provide the industry-leading GIS to PDF software to their extensive customer base which includes national banks and oil companies.

Map2PDF software allows both ESRI and Intergraph users to write GIS data to the GeoPDF format and hence allow anyone, irrespective of knowledge or experience of spatial data, to view and update this information in a format they know and understand.

Talking about the agreement, Alistair Maclenan, Managing Director of Quarry One Eleven Ltd said “The EMEA network of resellers for the Map2PDF product suite includes companies that know their local industries and customers and understand that the presentation of often complicated geographic information is critical to the continued increase in its use. Ideal Solutions is an excellent addition to our community and I know that they will be similarly successful in selling Map2PDF in Qatar as our other partners are being elsewhere.”

To find out more please visit http://www.isolc.com

About Ideal Solutions

Ideal Solutions Company (ISC) is a leading Qatari national company founded in 1998. Ideal Solutions is one of the top electronic solutions providers in the Gulf area for a number of industry-leading electronic services. Additionally, ISC supports a full range of products of its own including Real Estate Information System and Mail Tracking, as well as a number of third party solutions based on ESRI, Hypercom, Avanoc, Oracle and Microsoft products.

About TerraGo Technologies

TerraGo Technologies makes it simple to connect all kinds of users to geospatial mapping data. GeoPDF® is the industry’s only geospatial data distribution and collaboration solution to leverage the ubiquitous Adobe portable document format breaking down technology barriers between geospatial professionals and the people who need access to geospatial data. Using Map2PDF®, geospatial professionals are able to convert complex geospatial information into user friendly, interactive GeoPDF files with extensive embedded data and mapping features. Users leverage Adobe Reader to perform a variety of viewing and editing functions. Customers include government agencies, utilities and other private enterprises. For more information, visit www.terragotech.com .

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