Oracle Announces Oracle(R) Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 1.5
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Oracle Announces Oracle(R) Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 1.5

    SAN ANTONIO, May 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CS WEEK --

    -- Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle(R) Utilities Mobile
       Workforce Management 1.5, which includes significant enhancements that
       help utilities improve workforce productivity, more effectively plan
       maintenance and enhance customer service.
    -- The new release continues to build on Oracle's commitment to providing
       utilities industry-specific applications that are pre-integrated with
       other Oracle product offerings and allow customers to fully leverage
       Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware to improve application
       performance and reliability.
    -- Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management has been designed for
       utility field service work -- to provide real-time scheduling
       capabilities needed to manage intra-day schedule changes due to
       emergency work requests and other day-to-day activities.

    Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management Release 1.5 Details
    -- Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 1.5 includes more than 20
       user enhancements based on Oracle Customer Advisory Board
       recommendations. These enhancements will help utilities:

       -- Streamline Crew Management for Multi-Task Jobs -- The new version
          allows utilities to automate previously manual processes by
          identifying linkages/flow between various tasks on a project. For
          example, utilities would typically schedule consecutive tasks like
          trenching, installing pipe or conduit and setting/energizing a meter
          in order, but separately, requiring manual schedule reconfiguration
          should one aspect of the job change. In addition, the application
          allows utilities to easily accommodate staffing changes. For
          example, if a service specialist calls in sick, the system will
          assess the skill set of the present workforce and reassign tasks as
          needed. With Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management,
          utilities can coordinate changes to the schedule's tasks
          automatically and readjust the other work in the series in real time
          -- as opposed to an individual having to manually reschedule the
          various tasks. This new feature helps save time and reduce human
       -- Provide Spatial Information -- Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce
          Management 1.5 also integrates with Oracle Fusion Middleware
          MapViewer to display geospatial data from a number of sources,
          including Oracle Database, Oracle Spatial, utilities' GIS systems
          and external geospatial Web sites accessible through Web services.
          This integration provides a clearer user interface that allows users
          to access map data from a central repository, rather than having to
          download maps individually. The system also makes immediate updates
          to the central repository, helping ensure that users have access to
          accurate, up-to-date spatial data to more effectively plan repairs
          and maintenance and helping work crews get to the right job site as
          quickly and efficiently as possible.
       -- Enable Route Replay -- Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management
          1.5 leverages map data from Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer to
          illustrate routes where vehicles have historically traveled. This
          feature enables management to document a truck's location at any
          given time in the past should the information be required for
          insurance, public information or other schedule/location
          verification purposes.
    -- Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 1.5 also includes tighter
       integration to Oracle Utilities Network Management System to provide
       users with the flexibility of managing a work order through the user
       interface of either system.
    -- The following platforms are certified for Oracle Utilities Mobile
       Workforce Management 1.5: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, SP2;
       Windows XP, SP2; Windows Mobile 5; and Windows Mobile 6.

    Supporting Quotes
    -- "Efficiently managing a field workforce is a complex process for
       utilities. The new release of Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce
       Management provides features that allow utilities to improve
       communication between operations and field personnel, reschedule crews
       as needed, optimize available workforces and more proactively plan
       repairs and maintenance to enhance customer service," said Quentin
       Grady, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities.

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