Axium Continues Q4 Success with Over 150 New Clients in Six Months
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Axium Continues Q4 Success with Over 150 New Clients in Six Months

Beaverton, Oregon – July 28, 2008 — Axium today announced a 93% growth rate in Ajera clients from 2007-2008. Axium has continued its record-breaking performance from Q4 2007 by increasing its client base by over 150 clients in six months. The growth in Ajera clients has resulted in financial gains that ranked Axium 16th on the Portland Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Software Companies.

“The largest amounts of our clients are coming from generic accounting systems, but we’re stealing more market share from our competitors than ever before,” said Dan Laun, Axium Sales Manager. “Consumers who conduct research before replacing legacy software are attracted to our value proposition. Ajera PORTFOLIO is built specifically for A/E firms where each person in the firm can easily interact with our software and quickly obtain the information they need without deploying an administrative army to support the software. This translates directly into a rapid firm wide adoption and a faster return on investment.”

Today’s A/E firms that use a generic accounting software or legacy solution are realizing their software’s limitations or that their software technology is becoming out of date. Acknowledging the need for change, many firms are turning to Axium’s software solutions for the value and benefits they provide. The recognition of Axium’s innovation, quality and service has garnered strong demand for the Ajera and PORTFOLIO software solutions.

“The key to Axium’s future growth is the continued success of our clients. As more and more clients adopt and reap the benefits that Ajera or PORTFOLIO has to offer, we’ll see and even greater demand for our software solutions,” said Dan Laun, Axium Sales Manager.

The financial performance of Ajera / PORTFOLIO and Axium’s significant growth is a direct result of the company’s commitment to deliver innovative and quality software solutions to the A/E industry. This unwavering dedication to develop innovative products and provide the best software support, have been the key contributors of Axium’s success.

About Axium

At Axium ( our number one priority is our clients’ success. We are dedicated to developing innovative accounting and project management software for the architectural and engineering (A/E) industry and providing exceptional service in every way. Our over 25 years of experience in the A/E industry allows us to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to manage your firm the same way you handle business — project by project. Axium moves beyond generic accounting products to provide a range of accounting and project management solutions to improve productivity, increase profitability, and empower your firm’s success.

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