Nemetschek Allplan Presents Mobile Solutions for a Faster Pace at Construction Sites
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Nemetschek Allplan Presents Mobile Solutions for a Faster Pace at Construction Sites

Munich, August 6, 2008 - Nemetschek Allplan unveils new, timesaving solutions for data capture at construction sites. With the generation of On-Site Solutions 2008, planners, surveyors, site managers or workmen can quickly enter and evaluate measurements, defects or other technical data on-site. For the first time, users have the option to transfer entered data to Allplan BIM 2008 and to have it displayed in the new building structure. This means improved data quality and better planning efficiency.

On-Site Survey 2008 is the most innovative method for mobile data capture. The solution can be used to create digital floor plans in no time at all – for example, with a stylus on a tablet PC or notebook, through keyboard-based data entry or via wireless data transfer from a handheld laser. The time-consuming step of manual entry and redrawing of dimensions and building data is eliminated. The system delivers detailed schedules of rooms, measurement logs and documentation that can be printed or edited further. Here are some examples of what can be done in Allplan BIM 2008: The 3D planning software accepts transfers of three-dimensional room geometries, as well as photos, films or voice recordings. Walls, windows, doors and radiators can also be transferred as native components or as smart symbols. The new building structure in Allplan also supports building management with all floor plans, sections, views and lists. Architects and planners thus receive comprehensive building information to enrich their planning processes.

Correct entry of defects represents a significant block of costs in the construction industry: experts estimate that around 25 percent of reductions at final billing are due to defects. With On-Site Inspector 2008, site managers can easily record and evaluate defects and damage to both the structural shell and the finished structure and further process them seamlessly in the defect management system. The system also makes it possible to use a pin to mark the location in the plan where the defect was detected. For improved documentation, it is also possible to add more information, such as photos, text and video recordings. This procedure avoids multiple entries of the same data and reduces the time needed to enter data. This application is not only useful for entering defects at the construction site, it is also an important tool for building managers to enter properties and for communities to determine survey data.

On-Site Photo 2008 is the new tool for planners, surveyors, site managers and workers for image dimensioning. The application enables users to transfer photos of buildings from digital cameras and scanners and to use one or two reference lengths to correct the images to precise dimensions. Complicated measurements at the construction site are no longer necessary and the user can precisely calculate building dimensions – usually up to one centimeter of accuracy. On-Site Photo creates new options for plan design: the corrected photos can be placed directly underneath a CAD drawing so that both the photo and the drawing match each other exactly.

The new product is available immediately at authorized retailers.

About Nemetschek Allplan

Nemetschek Allplan with headquarters in Munich is Europe's leading vendor of planning and design software for the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction). A subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group, the company develops intelligent IT solutions for architects, civil engineers and building contractors. Allplan, the company’s flagship product is used by more than 60,000 customers in 16 languages and assists the entire building creation process in terms of optimizing quality, costs and time expenditure. Allplan covers all levels of a modern CAD system: from simple 2D drafting and 3D design to object-oriented building modeling with cost determination and quantity takeoff. Additional information is available at