East View Cartographic Launches Its Own Brand Of Datasets
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East View Cartographic Launches Its Own Brand Of Datasets

October, 22, 2008 -- MINNEAPOLIS, MN – East View Cartographic is excited to introduce a brand new series of digital geospatial datasets, organized under the product lines of EVCmap and EVCdem. The new series of EVC products range from VMAP1-compliant datasets to raster mosaics to digital elevation models, and are only available through East View Cartographic and its distributors.

The new EVCmap and EVCdem product lines are uncommon in their extensive global coverage, up-to-date data, and affordability.  Most are an outgrowth of EVC’s long and innovative history of producing cost-effective yet high-quality products for customers all over the world who themselves have global interests.  The EVCmap and EVCdem product lines range from pole-to-pole global vector GIS maps ideally suited for presentation graphics to local and extremely detailed datasets covering dozens of countries and locations, from Cuba to North Korea to the Faroe Islands.

Kent Lee, President and CEO of East View Cartographic, says, “Our EVCmap and EVCdem brand products flow from a decade-long effort in building over $25 million in customized geospatial solutions for more than 1000 customers.  These products fill known gaps in a range of popular yet incomplete global products, such as VMAP1 and high-resolution digital elevation models.  Our solutions have always been built from the best available materials, be they topographic maps or satellite imagery, and to the highest standards.  Our production team is absolutely first rate and essential to the proposition that our product lines must be cost-effective in order to be accepted by the market.  The value proposition that EVCmap and EVCdem will offer our customers is that product quality and speed of delivery are affordable as never before.”

About EVC

East View Cartographic (EVC) is a leading provider of authoritative global geospatial data including vector data, DEMs, satellite imagery, topographic maps, nautical charts, and geological maps. With its unparalleled acquisition capabilities, EVC has built an extensive corporate library of over 250,000 maps, 25 terabytes of digital geospatial data, and 10 million GIS-based records. The company also offers a wide array of related services including on-demand mapping and GIS data production. Customers include governments, GIS companies, academic researchers, and engineering firms. Details can be found at www.cartographic.com.

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