GeoNorth Helps the City of Airdrie Leverage GIS for an Award Winning Census Data Collection Solution
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GeoNorth Helps the City of Airdrie Leverage GIS for an Award Winning Census Data Collection Solution

November 12, 2008 -- Airdrie, Alberta The City of Airdrie, Alberta was selected as a Canada GTEC 2008 award finalist and in October of 2008 won the “Spirit of Innovation” award at the fall Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) conference.  This is in recognition for the City’s successful efforts to replace an inefficient paper process for recording the 2008 municipal census, part of a GIS integration effort conducted by GeoNorth.


Located just outside of Calgary, Airdrie is one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta.  To help with growth management the City invested in ESRI GIS technology and selected MapOptix to meet their Enterprise GIS needs.  Looking to take advantage of this technology investment, the City contracted with GeoNorth to integrate census information with their Enterprise GIS.  GeoNorth developed a solution to synchronize an enterprise geodatabase with census information being collected by separate mobile based application.  Leveraging MapOptix, the information was immediately available for web based query, visualization, and reporting.  Using this technology, collection efforts could be monitored and better managed.  This allowed for improved information gathering and helped coordinators rapidly determine if any residents were being overlooked.


Because of the scalable and extensible features and functionality already available within MapOptix, the project was completed in only two weeks and allowed the City to meet critical deadlines.


About GeoNorth:

Founded in 1994 with offices in Alaska, Oregon and Idaho, GeoNorth has successfully completed diverse projects and developed a number of enterprise software solutions for clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  GeoNorth develops “data-driven” solutions that are both easy to use and easy to maintain.  GeoNorth pioneered many enterprise GIS products including the world’s first commercial internet GIS solution (MapOptix™) and the world’s first ESRI based extensible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution that truly spatially enables the enterprise.


GeoNorth LLC is a full-service software solution provider dedicated to helping our clients become more efficient and effective through practical and innovative uses of Internet, GIS, and database technologies.  GeoNorth specializes in planning and developing Integrated Enterprise GIS and data management solutions for the government, oil and gas, natural resource and utility industries.


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