ESRI's New Address Coder 9.3 Software Improves Address Geocoding
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ESRI's New Address Coder 9.3 Software Improves Address Geocoding

                                                 Stand-Alone GIS Tool Offers Precise Geocoding and Ease of Use

Redlands, California—February 3, 2009—Geocoding becomes much simpler with the new release of Address Coder 9.3. Marketers, direct-mail managers, and any organization that must manage large U.S. address lists can use ESRI's new Address Coder to segment and target addresses with latitude-longitudes, Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes, demographic data, and ESRI's Tapestry Segmentation codes.

Geocoded and Tapestry Segmentation data-appended lists reveal different consumer segments, enabling marketers to raise response rates by crafting targeted messages and developing promotions by segment. Agencies can benefit from geocoding by knowing which segments to notify about specific government services or to alert certain population groups about upcoming events such as bond issues and referendums.

"Address Coder 9.3 is an outstanding example of how ESRI employs its own industry-leading ArcGIS technology to develop other products," says Lucy Guerra , Address Coder product manager, ESRI. "Built with ArcGIS Engine and using ESRI's geocoding locator technology, Address Coder is a stand-alone product that provides a proven address-matching concept that is already part of ArcGIS." ArcGIS Engine is a collection of GIS components and developer resources that allow users to embed geographic information system (GIS) capabilities into existing applications or build new custom applications.

The Address Coder's step-by-step process enables users to immediately geocode addresses without extensive training. The variety of options available in Address Coder enables users to easily customize the geocoding process to fit their specific requirements. Address Coder 9.3, an affordable solution for any organization, is available for a variety of geographic areas including the entire United States , by region such as New England or the Southwest, or for a single state. For even more precision, addresses can be geocoded at the rooftop level with the optional Tele Atlas Address Points database. This database maps street addresses to a physical location so that each address is an exact, fixed point instead of an interpolation from an address range. For more information about ESRI's Address Coder software, visit

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