Yotta MVS to Begin Delivery of Street-level Imagery to Dallas Central Appraisal District, TX
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Yotta MVS to Begin Delivery of Street-level Imagery to Dallas Central Appraisal District, TX

February 09, 2009 -- Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD), TX has contracted with Yotta MVS (the 3D mapping division of OMG plc [LSE:OMG]), a leader in street-level image collection and field data verification services.

Yotta MVS is pleased to announce that is has been selected for the second time to collect street-level images for DCAD. The first time, in 2002, Yotta MVS delivered high quality images of more than 625,000 structures to DCAD.

DCAD will use the imagery and field verified data to capture new tax revenues from new properties and home improvements. The data has also proved to be a very powerful tool for upholding appeals and ensuring compliance with state legislation which states that “the appraisal district must repeat its appraisal process for property at least once every three years.”

This time Yotta MVS will be collecting street-level images of residential and commercial structures on over 715,000 parcels. Field collection crews will be capturing each structure using high-resolution cameras with a specialized framing technique, in which at least 75% of the captured image is comprised of the structure of interest. The superior quality digital images will allow DCAD appraisers to effectively and efficiently review existing and newly improved parcels.

Yotta MVS specializes in offering field-based data capture solutions for the property assessment market. Yotta MVS’s Software applications allow integration of field-verified data and imagery at the desktop and in tablet PC’s for the county field appraisers. Yotta MVS’s suite of services not only benefits city and county agencies, but is also utilized by other federal, state, and local government agencies.

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