Envista Debuts “Shovel Ready” Project Tracking in Newest Product Release
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Envista Debuts “Shovel Ready” Project Tracking in Newest Product Release

Infrastructure Project Coordination Speeds Projects to Meet “Use It or Lose It” Requirements

March 17, 2009 -- 
 Envista Corporation, the exclusive provider of web-based software for infrastructure project coordination, today announced Envista 2009 Release 1. Among many enhancements, the new version debuts Envista “Shovel Ready” infrastructure project coordination and tracking to support the renewal efforts of municipalities, counties, highway agencies, and utilities. This important feature lets users designate these time-sensitive projects as “Shovel Ready” and enables project stakeholders to coordinate critical schedules.

The key to success for starting “Shovel Ready” projects on time is early notifications to utilities needing to upgrade or relocate their infrastructure before other work can begin. This capability helps project owners meet the “Use It or Lose It” requirements of the economic stimulus funding. In addition, sharing information on economic stimulus projects using a web-based, map-driven application supports transparency and accountability.

According to Marc Fagan, Envista Executive Vice President - Product Management, “The economic stimulus funding will initiate an unprecedented number of roadway projects, all at the same time. Envista’s product speeds up utility coordination by enabling municipalities, counties, highway agencies and utilities to exchange and synchronize construction and maintenance project schedules using web-based technology.”

Highlights of Envista 2009 Release 1
Envista’s latest product release contains over 50 enhancements including “Shovel Ready” Project Coordination, Custom Overlays, Automated Email Notifications, Projects to Watch, GIS File Import and Export, among many others.

“Shovel Ready” Project Coordination
Envista’s new release enables users to highlight projects as “Shovel Ready” and alert other project stakeholders of high priority status. The application then allows users to filter views based on this status, notify stakeholders of project details, highlight “Shovel Ready” projects in reports, and identify and track them on a management Dashboard.

Custom Overlays
A major new feature in 2009 Release 1 is the option to add and display custom map overlays such as political boundary lines (ward, district, county line, etc.) and asset information (pavement condition index, pipe condition assessment, etc.). For example, neighborhood districts such as “Hilltop” or “Lakeside” can be overlaid on the project map to help easily identify and manage project location information. Alternatively, pavement condition overlays can be used as an objective means to prioritize paving projects and repair the worst roads first, or to delay non-critical maintenance for underground utilities on recently paved roads. In addition, failing pavement condition information can highlight where work on underground utilities can be planned before a road is repaved.

Automated Email Notifications and Projects to Watch
Other key features include the ability to set up automatic notifications on a wide variety of alerts to be sent to contacts by email. This feature allows project stakeholders to stay abreast of project changes real-time without being logged into the Envista application. For example, if a conflict occurs on a project, the owner will be automatically emailed with the conflict details and contact information. In addition, users can specify projects to “watch” for any changes and automatically trigger email alerts.

GIS File Import and Export
Another enhancement is the ability to import and export shapefile project information into Envista from Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Now users can leverage their GIS investments and import project information directly into Envista to create appropriate locations and add other details. Envista provides a detailed specification and support for this powerful capability. By fitting into GIS users’ existing workflow, Envista adds unique value to infrastructure project coordination. More information on these features and additional features can be found on the Envista website: www.envista.com

About Envista Corporation
Envista is a provider of web-based software for the management oversight of infrastructure that is built and maintained by utility companies and government agencies. The company provides the only centralized, map-driven infrastructure project coordination solution for the exchange of construction and maintenance projects online. Envista’s patent-pending solution for infrastructure coordination leverages construction budgets and optimizes the planning of utility and roadway projects while reducing the impact of street cuts on local communities. Envista headquarters are located north of Boston in Beverly, MA. For more information, Envista can be reached at (978) 232-6300 or visit the web site at www.envista.com.

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