SiRF's GPS Technology Powers New-Generation Location-Based Services on Mobile Phones
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SiRF's GPS Technology Powers New-Generation Location-Based Services on Mobile Phones

CTIA Wireless 2003

Booth No. 4313

SiRF's multimode location platform, SiRFLoc, enables a wide variety of commercial Location-Based Services on mobile phones, from personal
navigation systems to mobile resource management applications

NEW ORLEANS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 17, 2003-- SiRF Technology, Inc. announced today that its SiRFLoc(TM) multimode location platform is at the heart of a wide variety of new Location-Based Services (LBS), allowing mobile phone users to determine their position and take advantage of a variety of useful new applications. These applications include services such as turn-by-turn navigation, mobile resource and logistics management, and other enterprise LBS applications. SiRF will be displaying its SiRFLoc multimode technology this week in New Orleans at the 2003 CTIA Wireless conference (Booth #4313).

SiRFLoc Multimode is the first wireless location platform that allows device users to determine their position with or without network aiding. Initially incorporated into cellular phones to meet the FCC's E-911 emergency calling mandate, SiRFLoc's unique location features are being rapidly adopted by enterprises and consumers for a wide variety of commercial LBS. SiRFLoc meets all the requirements of the FCC mandate for accuracy and location availability, but has the added advantage of being able to function as an independent, high sensitivity GPS receiver. This means that wireless devices with SiRFLoc can continuously navigate with new position fixes as frequently as once per second without network aiding.

"Our goal is to work with manufacturers, carriers and application software companies to drive the adoption of Location-Based Services," according to Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president of business development at SiRF Technology. "Wireless carriers and software companies are only beginning to scratch the surface of the potential for revenue generating location enabled applications. As the market develops, the variety of applications such as personal navigation, mobile commerce, workforce management, enterprise logistics and gaming will require location systems that go well beyond the E-911 requirements. The SiRFLoc multimode system is optimized to provide accurate and continuous positioning in a bandwidth efficient manner to enable these class of applications."

Since their recent introduction by Nextel, the SiRFLoc-enabled Motorola i88s and i58sr cellular phone platforms have been adopted for a wide variety of commercial LBS. SiRFLoc is the only GPS provider for location-enabled phones on the Nextel network. With these phones, Nextel brings the only location aware enterprise-strength wireless platform that can meet the needs of a variety of applications. Most applications take advantage of the ability to run Java based applications on these wireless phones. Among these are the following:

Avis Assist

Avis Rent A Car and Motorola, Inc. recently announced Avis Assist, allowing Avis customers at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport to rent a personal navigation service that operates on either the Motorola i88s or i58sr cellular phone operating on the Nextel network. The system provides spoken, turn-by-turn directions. The SiRFLoc location platform provides the continuous navigation and accuracy needed for turn-by-turn navigation.

Roto-Rooter Inc.

Roto-Rooter Inc., the largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services in North America, will equip its more than 1500 field technicians with a SiRFLoc-enabled Motorola i58sr phones to give customers faster dispatch and service versus conventional manual systems. Because SiRFLoc works with or without network aiding, Roto-Rooter can get a competitive advantage right now.

@Road Mobile Resource Management Services

@Road's new Pocket Edition Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Service is an enterprise productivity solution that combines the @Road service with the SiRFLoc-enabled Motorola i88s and i58sr phones to improve productivity of field operations across multiple industries. This service is designed to help companies not only improve productivity, but also to help ensure the safety and security of mobile workers.

Televigation TeleNav

Televigation's TeleNav service gives voice activated turn-by-turn navigation on any SiRFLoc enabled phone on the Nextel network. This service is available for use by both enterprises, as well as individual consumers. SiRFLoc has the accuracy to tell users exactly when they approach a corner, allowing a timely voice prompt.


FutureRoads Maps2ME and Directions2Me Java-based applications run on Motorola i88s and i58sr wireless phones to provide vehicle tracking, location-enabled content delivery and navigation. These applications can be downloaded directly from Nextel's Web site for immediate use on these SiRFLoc-enabled phones.

About SiRFLoc

SiRFLoc Multimode allows networks to move beyond emergency assistance applications such as the U.S. E-911 requirement to support a wide range of LBS without excessive network bandwidth requirements. Compliant with worldwide wireless location standards, the SiRFLoc Multimode platform operates in both network-aided modes where information is provided from the network to aid in developing a location; and in autonomous modes in which the handset can continuously update position without network assistance. Hence, SiRFLoc Multimode delivers the maximum availability of position information with the minimum need for network bandwidth. With a distributed client-server architecture, the Multimode GPS technology enables users to control their privacy.

The SiRFLoc platform is being incorporated by some of the world's top consumer electronics manufacturers to develop wireless products that both meet the FCC's E-911 mandate and provide a platform for future LBS. SiRF's recent acquisition of the Enuvis Location Server (ELS) technology will complement the SiRFLoc Multimode platform by adding a proven, scalable server architecture as a network-side platform for enabling expanded location services.

About SiRF

SiRF Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of GPS enabled silicon and software location platforms that are designed to enable location awareness in high-volume mobile consumer devices and commercial applications. Location awareness refers to the ability of a device to determine and make use of the information regarding its location. SiRF's products enable a range of devices to utilize GPS to detect location. They have been integrated into mobile consumer devices, such as automobile navigation systems, cellular phones, GPS-based mobile computing peripherals and handheld GPS navigation devices, as well as into commercial applications, such as property tracking devices and fleet management systems. SiRF markets and sells its products in four target markets: wireless handheld, automotive, mobile computing, and embedded consumer applications.

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