Getmapping Teams Up with New Zealand Aerial Mapping
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Getmapping Teams Up with New Zealand Aerial Mapping

Hartley Wintney, April 22nd 2009 - Getmapping has teamed up with New Zealand Aerial Mapping (NZAM) in an arrangement which enables both companies to share resources and equipment to increase their flying and aerial survey capabilities. Getmapping has ambitious plans for the UK flying season in 2009 including the completion of its aerial survey of Scotland and a new survey of Wales. Thanks to this tie up with NZAM Getmapping has up to four aircraft at its disposal for UK surveys during the 2009 flying season.

Established in 1936 with associated offices in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Australia, New Zealand Aerial Mapping is one of the oldest established aerial survey companies in the world with significant experience in aerial photography and mapping projects, large and small, both in New Zealand and internationally. The company offers a complete range of services from photo acquisition, map production and processing to aviation and engineering support. NZAM is experienced in managing and undertaking large integrated mapping projects.

Flying in the UK like New Zealand is fraught with difficulty because of the weather patterns and lack of clear skies even during the height of the summer flying season. By sharing resources and expertise the two companies can have more productive flying seasons using the best available digital camera technology.

“We are very excited about working with Getmapping. Coming together from opposite ends of the Earth with diametrically opposed flying seasons enables us to bring far more resources to bear on both markets while at the same time providing far greater utilisation of our significant and very expensive combined assets,” said Mark Roberts, Managing Director of New Zealand Aerial Mapping.

“We loaned one of our digital cameras to New Zealand Aerial Mapping for their summer flying season which has provided them with more survey capacity during the UK winter. Now that their season is over it makes sense for them to deploy their resources and equipment elsewhere, where they will be fully utilised and we are delighted that they are now involved in our 2009 flying program,” said Tristram Cary, Managing Director of Getmapping. “As well as sharing flying resources Getmapping will be helping NZAM with its move into online sales and the development of other products and services based on its imagery, something that we have been pioneering here in the UK,” continued Cary.

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