Computer Guidance Corporation Launches Advanced Canadian Payroll Application
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Computer Guidance Corporation Launches Advanced Canadian Payroll Application

                   Tax Deduction and Bonus Calculations Improved in eCMS Financial and Project Management System

Scottsdale, Arizona – May 7, 2009 – Computer Guidance Corporation, the leading developer of financial and project management software solutions for the commercial construction industry, announced today that it has released a new Canadian Payroll application of its eCMS software suite.

Processing enhancements to the Canadian Payroll application include bonus check calculation, which takes the CPP/QPP exemption, personal credit, employment credit and constant only once each pay period. The new improvements also determine the tax credit for CPP, EI, employment credit and personal credit according to the lowest percentage in the federal or provincial tax table. The employment credit and flat tax have been added to both the federal and provincial tax tables. In addition, input of the CPP and EI earnings and tax limits can be used to test when these limits have been met, ensuring accuracy of the year-end T4 register and forms.

“Our new Canadian Payroll application responds to our customers’ specific suggestions, narrowing the gap between their payroll needs and our eCMS financial management system,” said Roger Kirk, President/CEO, Computer Guidance Corporation. “Our software developers are continually improving our applications to help construction contractors increase their efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

The new Canadian Payroll application improves calculation of tax deductions and bonuses, with fewer tables for easier data entry and processing. The construction management software now includes a new pay period table, which is based on check date to provide the current pay period being processed by check type. This table is used to determine if more than one check is being processed for a pay period; it also can be used to verify the number of pay periods for the year and display them on the tax master.

In addition to having fewer tax tables overall to simplify data entry and processing, the new application enables users to set up tables for changes in advance. A new feature also lets users copy prior tables and easily create new ones when limits or rates change.

Unlike standalone applications, the improved Canadian Payroll application is one of 30 unified applications that are part of the Computer Guidance eCMS 3.7 software suite. The result of over 7,000 hours of development, eCMS 3.7 offers over 200 new features. Version 3.7 provides improved monitoring and analysis of financial and operating performance, with advanced functions for tracking subcontractor performance, document compliance and contract management.

About Computer Guidance Corporation

Computer Guidance has the largest customer representation in the Engineering News Record (ENR) “Top 400 Contractors” and “Top 50 Contractors.” Computer Guidance software has been the leading solution among General Contractors with revenue of more than 250-million dollars and 100-250-million dollars for the past 12 years according to the CFMA Information Technology Survey.

Since 1981, Computer Guidance has been the leading provider of financial and project management solutions to more than 600 enterprise customers from various commercial construction disciplines. Computer Guidance continues to be ranked “World Class” in customer support excellence by independent IBM surveys for the past 20 years. For additional information about Computer Guidance, visit or call 1-888-361-4551.


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