BeGreen Launches a New Way to Look at Climate Change
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BeGreen Launches a New Way to Look at Climate Change

May 11, 2009 — Today, we launched the BeGreen Carbon Impact Explorer—-an interactive tool that displays U.S. carbon emissions alongside renewable energy projects, like wind and solar facilities, that customers like you have helped support.

Personally, I’m very, very excited about this tool. I’ve never been able to really see our solar panels and wind farms before, and it’s actually rather thrilling. After checking out all the projects that we’ve supported, I really feel like this company is a force of good for our planet.

Using the Google Earth™ framework and the latest data on CO2 emissions from Purdue University’s Vulcan Project, the Carbon Impact Explorer depicts a number of problem areas in six emission categories. The amount of CO2 emissions shown is daunting, but we are helping to balance out these emissions every day by supporting clean energy and carbon offset projects all over the country.

And it’s worth mentioning that you can join us by purchasing wind energy credits or trees from within the Carbon Impact Explorer - so you can put your money where your “mouse” is.