PlantCML(R) Releases Latest Advanced Mapping Solution for Emergency Call Centers
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PlantCML(R) Releases Latest Advanced Mapping Solution for Emergency Call Centers

TEMECULA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Jul 21, 2009 -- PlantCML®, an EADS North America company, announces the release of ORION™ Vela® 2.0, an advanced mapping solution designed to simplify call processing. ORION Vela provides sophisticated administrative control and streamlines the user interface for operational efficiencies by allowing call takers to determine wireline and wireless call locations for dispatching first responders in high-pressure situations.

By rapidly displaying these calls, with a variety of powerful and intuitive tools to locate callers whose precise locations are unknown, ORION Vela 2.0 puts the most relevant, up-to-date security-controlled information immediately into the dispatcher's view, ensuring that life or death decisions are made under the most advantageous circumstances.

"As part of our initiative to evolve into a next generation 9-1-1 emergency communications region, we wanted our mapping capabilities to advance with the rest of our progressive call processing solutions," said Lesley Sciba, Director of Regional 9-1-1 Services, Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission (GCRPC). "Choosing ORION Vela from PlantCML, with its scalable design and capability to provide automated assistance to call takers and dispatchers to save time and lives, aligns with our overall strategy."

The GCRPC Regional 9-1-1 services include DeWitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca and Victoria counties with eight Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

ORION Vela 2.0 has the ability to prioritize when a Phase I wireless call is received and is able to search for roads in the call sector coverage area. It also supports configuration of different location information processing methods based on classes of service and providers. These features, along with its ability to support ORION™ DataSync 4.0 (an automated file distribution application for synchronizing data used in a variety of applications across a wide or local area network), will enable call takers to dispatch first responders accurately and efficiently to the emergency at hand.

"ORION Vela is PlantCML's most sophisticated mapping application to date, built from the ground up to take full advantage of all the NextGen 9-1-1 capabilities that modern, connected call centers, such as GCRPC, require," said Mahendra Soneji, vice president, product management, PlantCML. "GCRPC has proven just how these capabilities and advancements today can assist their county's call centers tomorrow."

ORION Vela 2.0 integrates seamlessly with the PlantCML VESTA® and Sentinel® call taking solutions, supporting CAD operations and stand-alone mapped-ALI applications.

Working in conjunction with ORION DataSync 4.0, ORION Vela distributes map updates automatically to each desktop, keeping all sites consistently synchronized. The centralized management of various map templates for different geographical sites, different user categories (call taker, dispatcher, supervisor) and different agency types (police, fire, EMS) allows for a single system to provide all the mapping capabilities required for a coordinated and responsive implementation.

DataSync 4.0 is a standalone product that can be used to distribute maps, or other file types, across a network of call centers. This automated system saves both time and money, and works seamlessly with ORION Vela.

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