GeoNorth Delivers Crime Tracking Solution to the City of Annapolis, MD
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GeoNorth Delivers Crime Tracking Solution to the City of Annapolis, MD

October 27, 2009 -- Portland, OR – GeoNorth is proud to announce the debut of a new GIS based Crime Tracking application for the City of Annapolis, MD.  The crime mapping site utilizes data from the City’s records management system (RMS) which had been previously exported to for publishing.  Seeking more control over the presentation of data and temporal accuracy, the city chose GeoNorth through a competitive bid process to create a public crime mapping site.  Now with its own interactive map, the city is providing a better and more tailored solution to its community.

Users of the new Annapolis crime mapping site can now view crime data on an interactive map showing details such as incident date, location and type.  Searches can be done by location - address, city ward and police patrol post - and by the type of crime for any time period of up to 30 days for the current year.  Sexual assaults are absent to protect the privacy of the victims.

Police say the public wants this information to quickly get a sense of neighborhood crime and safety.  "It's a community outreach tool," police spokesman Ray Weaver said.   The Police Department anticipates adding more information or functionality over time based on feedback from citizens.  For example, during initial testing users said they wanted to know the time of the crime, which is now included.

Developed by GeoNorth staff under budget in less than three days, this demonstrates how quickly a focused solution can be created using ESRI’s JavaScript API for ArcGIS Server.  By using the JavaScript API, GeoNorth provided a simpler and faster viewing experience for users than by using the out-of-the-box framework applications which are considerably slower.  In addition GeoNorth assisted the City with the necessary scheduled geoprocessing scripting to categorize and prepare map layers from extracted RMS data.

The City’s Crime Mapping site can be viewed at

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