Europa Technologies Launches CRESTA:net To Give Insurers Fast, Simple & Convenient Access To CRESTA Zones
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Europa Technologies Launches CRESTA:net To Give Insurers Fast, Simple & Convenient Access To CRESTA Zones

Europa Technologies has launched CRESTA:net - a web based information service for the insurance industry. The service implements the CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardising Target Accumulations) global zoning system developed by Swiss Re., Gerling-Konzern Globale Re., and Munich Re. CRESTA is an established international standard for the technical management of natural hazard coverage.

CRESTA:net allows insurers, reinsurers and risk managers to quickly find the CRESTA zone associated with almost any location in the world. When the appropriate zone is known, companies can establish the natural hazard risk and exposure for that region and determine appropriate cover.

CRESTA:net is provided as a hosted service on an annual basis and can be configured to link to corporate Intranets which can facilitate a seamless risk / exposure information service. Users can find places from an extensive database of over 534,000 locations with spellings in local form, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. The system also incorporates phonetic name matching allowing searches to be performed on a non-exact spelling basis. In addition to presenting the applicable CRESTA zone, the service provides location information (e.g. region, population) and a reference map. The service currently contains over 3200 maps with more being added incrementally to depict earthquake locations, storm paths, meteorological, geological and insurance-specific statistical data.

The database powering CRESTA:net is available independently and can be licensed for desktop, server or Internet use. CRESTA mapping is provided in formats compatible with many Geographical Information Systems (GIS) including software from ESRI and MapInfo.

Company director Warren Vick said, "CRESTA:net is an essential resource for insurers dealing with natural hazard coverage. We are delighted to offer the service in complement to our existing CRESTA digital mapping products which are already well established in the industry."

CRESTA:net is available on a free trial basis to qualifying companies.

About Europa Technologies Ltd.

Europa Technologies is a leading digital map data manufacturer specialising in global mapping and point data for Location Based Services (LBS). The company's products are used by over 120 of the worlds Fortune 500 companies plus several missions of the United Nations. Europa Technologies also offers professional services including software and map data development, international geocoding and consultancy.

Europa Technologies can be found on the World Wide Web at:

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