Mayrise Mobile Mapping System Keeps Street Lights Shining in North Wales
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Mayrise Mobile Mapping System Keeps Street Lights Shining in North Wales

March 02, 2010 -- Mayrise Systems has supplied a mobile mapping and street lighting management system to Gwynedd Council in North Wales. The MAYRISE Street Lighting mobile software runs on HP IPAQ pocket PCs and is used to identify and record faulty street lighting units. The intelligent software includes a fully integrated MapNow mapping module, making it easier for council electricians undertaking night patrols to report back. The reports are then downloaded to the Council’s Mayrise server, generating a works order for the repair which is in turn uploaded to the pocket PC. The handheld devices also enable electricians responding to the problem to access detailed maintenance information and service history for the faulty unit.

Routine Maintenance, Bulk lamp change, and electrical tests schedules, generated by the Mayrise back office system, are downloaded directly to the Inspector’s PDA. In the field, Mayrise MAPNOW enables the electrician to access Ordnance Survey maps and the Council’s street gazetteer (part of the National Street Gazetteer), for improved route navigation and unit identification. On completion of the schedules, inspection records are downloaded from the mobile units to the central management system, which processes the information and generates works orders to cover any additional work.

“Having instant access to the maps and street gazetteer greatly improves the efficiency with which the electricians complete their night patrols. Faulty units are identified and the electrician can check if the fault is already in the system before completing a fault report using a series of drop down menus,” commented Tony Sage, Senior Lighting Engineer at Gwynedd Council. “In addition, by giving the electrician access to detailed service and maintenance records, we are providing additional information for fault diagnosis and repair.”

He continued, “The use of handheld devices saves a considerable amount of administration time removing the need to update records after completing the Routine Maintenance, Bulk lamp change and electrical tests schedules and also reduces the potential for errors to be introduced while updating the records manually. In time it is hoped to use the devices to manage other maintenance tasks using the Mayrise mobile software.”

The mobile software and mapping functionality can, subject to the use of a compatible device and wireless service, communicate live with the Mayrise back office system. Mayrise for Street Lighting provides a centralised system providing access to inventory, contractor and customer records and providing tools for the management of routine maintenance, completion of risk assessment and co-ordination of fault reporting and remediation. It also provides tools and mechanisms for budget control and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting.

Mark Clarke,
Mayrise Systems
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