Ford Relies on KeyShot Technology for Press Images
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Ford Relies on KeyShot Technology for Press Images

Irvine, California, March 9, 2010 - Luxion, the leading makers of advanced rendering and lighting technology, announced that international renowned photographer David Burgess used the latest KeyShot technology to create several press images for the 2012 FORD Focus that made its worldwide debut at the 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

KeyShot is an interactive raytracing and global illumination program developed by Luxion for both PC and Mac that breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images from 3D models. KeyShot is the new name for the successful HyperShot software, the first interactive raytracing and global illumination program. Combined with its ease of use KeyShot gives anybody involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes, independent of the size of the digital model. KeyShot supports many native file formats, including SolidWorks, Rhino, SketchUp, Obj, IGES and STEP.

Since 2006, critically acclaimed car photographer David Burgess has repeatedly used Luxion’s technology to deliver photographic masterpieces of many vehicles - right from his studio, hotel room, or wherever else he may be. Previously, David would photograph cars on location and depend on weather conditions and several staff members to assist with setting up the actual car model. Luxion’s technology gives full control over the lighting and the corresponding reflections in the car model, which in the end, delivers the ultimate artistic control.

Past projects for FORD Motor Company include:
•        2007 FORD Interceptor Concept Car
•        2008 FORD Explorer America Concept Car
•        2009 LINCOLN C Concept Car
•        2010 FORD Taurus

“Luxion’s technology changed the face of Photography completely,” said David Burgess. “Being able to explore creative alternatives – and having the flexibility to make changes quickly and seeing the result in realtime is liberating.”

“We now have a new tool that allows us greater creative freedom within a more realistic time frame,” Burgess continues, “without compromising images’ realism or quality.”

“I have been working closely with David for several years,” said Henrik Wann Jensen, Chief Scientist of Luxion. “It is fantastic to see David’s sense of detail and creative talents applied to our technology, and of course to see the amazing results he produces.”

Jensen continues: “David’s strive for perfection has helped us improve the core technology significantly. This allows us to deliver an even better product to anybody who wants to create photographic images of their 3D data, independent of their level of expertise.”

To see more of David Burgess’ work with the KeyShot technology, please visit To learn more about the KeyShot and the underlying technology, please got to, or contact Email Contact.

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Luxion specializes in technology advancing state-of-the-art in computer based lighting simulations. We have expert knowledge in areas related to daylighting (atmospheric scattering), light scattering by materials (BRDF and BSSRDF models), light transport algorithms such as photon mapping, and realtime rendering technology. We offer consulting and develop proprietary applications and libraries for customers in need for software capable of precisely calculating the scattering of light in complex 3D environments.

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