Real time Traffic Information on WebGIS Platform
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Real time Traffic Information on WebGIS Platform

May 05, 2010 -- Taipei City Government authorized SuperGeo Technologies to develop a WebGIS application, integrating rich traffic data from dissimilar resources on the same platform, for the public to query real time traffic information immediately. The application uses SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server developed by SuperGeo Technologies.

In Taipei City, the capital and the biggest city in Taiwan, traffic demands are one of the public’s main concerns with the increase of population. Taipei City Government provides many kinds of traffic information, such as subway services, parking lots, and CCTV. Different kinds of information from different units, however, are difficult to use. To solve this, a WebGIS platform integrating diverse traffic information resources and providing all the information immediately for the public is required.

Using SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server developed by SuperGeo Technologies, the application integrates rich traffic information, such as bus/subway information, traffic event reports, and Changeable Message Signals (CMS). Therefore, the public can easily view abundant data on the platform. In addition, the website also includes "YouBike", a public commuter bicycle rental system, for cyclists’ better use.

Providing real-time traffic information based on WebGIS technology, this project applies 3 servers, including Web Sever, Database Server, and Real-time Information Receiving Server. All kinds of traffic information given by different units can be queried via Internet browsers, so users can check the traffic conditions or plan their routes according to current and correct traffic situation.

In addition to web browser, all the traffic information can also be shown on mobile phones and PDAs. Therefore, it is convenient for users to check data promptly via the Internet, even when being outdoors. Also, the road incident reports can be revealed in emails or SMS on mobiles to inform users immediately.

The traffic info websites used to lack a platform to combine all the data providing by different resources. Now, GIS technologies help the management integrate diversified types of real-time traffic information in one platform. Hence, the public can spend less time searching information and obtain more correct information in a new and fast way.

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