Esri's 2010 Data Released in Business Analyst Online
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Esri's 2010 Data Released in Business Analyst Online

Perform Accurate Market Analyses with the Latest Demographic, Consumer Spending, and Business Data

Redlands, California—July 6, 2010—The latest release of Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO) now includes Esri's 2010/2015 Updated Demographics, as well as 2010 Consumer Spending, Market Potential, and Tapestry Segmentation data. Thousands of newly released data variables are available in more than 50 reports and maps through the BAO application. These reports and maps can be generated on demand to help users better understand their market, analyze population growth and decline, identify business opportunities, study competitive penetration, and locate underserved areas.

The 2010 updates reveal many economic and social trends that influence the needs of businesses, consumers, and citizens. "Housing is down, foreclosures are up, income is declining, and population growth is slowing," says Lynn Wombold, chief demographer and manager of data development at Esri. "The challenge of successfully weathering the current economy underscores the importance of having access to accurate information. Current data can track critical changes and preclude the cost of being wrong."

Through BAO, users can access current-year estimates and five-year projections for a wide variety of demographic variables along with spending, market, and segmentation data to incorporate into their market analyses, allowing them to make the best decisions for their organizations. For example, real estate developers can research an area's predicted population growth to determine where to locate profitable development projects. Local governments can view current and projected demographics for population segments to assess whether services are properly located. Retailers can analyze projected spending patterns of consumers to refine merchandise offerings and better target marketing promotions.

Esri's 2010 data is also available for purchase individually in a variety of file formats and will be included with Business Analyst 10 (desktop and server).

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