SuperWebGIS Builds National Traffic Information System
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SuperWebGIS Builds National Traffic Information System

July 15, 2010 -- SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, establishes a WebGIS combining various types of traffic information from dissimilar government sectors across the nation. The public would spend less time searching information and obtain correct information in a new and effective way.

Institute of Transportation, MOTC, Taiwan, planned to establish a WebGIS to assist 23 city/county governments and related units in reporting up-to-date traffic conditions, accident events, construction information, etc. The Institute also wanted to efficiently integrate traffic situation provided by National Freeway Bureau and Directorate General of Highways to complete the traffic information.

With this WebGIS, the public can query real-time traffic situation of national freeway, province highway and general roads in each city/county. Meanwhile, users can select start point and end point across city/county and choose to avoid traffic events to obtain the best route.

In addition, the queried traffic events would be displayed on the map with coordinate values. It would be convenient for the public to query and gain the best route choices.

National Traffic Information System, the WebGIS-based system, integrates many kinds of real-time traffic information of each city/county and national freeway, such as speed information, CMS information, CCTV information, road events, etc. It can assist the public in clearly querying and understanding real-time traffic situation of where they plan to go.

National Traffic Information System adopts Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and PostgreSQL as the database platforms for saving the various kinds of traffic data from numerous related units. In terms of the map server, National Traffic Information Center System uses SuperWebGIS, the Internet map server software developed by SuperGeo Technologies, to publish maps and services and provide various GIS manipulations. Therefore, users can use a browser to view and query traffic information easily.

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