Azteca Systems Announces the Release of Cityworks 2010
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Azteca Systems Announces the Release of Cityworks 2010

                          New Era of Cityworks Solidifies Product as Leading GIS-centric Management Solution

San Diego, CA — Azteca Systems, Inc., the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions, announced today the release of Cityworks 2010, launching an exciting new array of solutions to automate licensing, permit, case, and asset management for public works, utilities, and government agencies of all sizes. Marking this release, a new naming convention for Azteca’s software encompasses the theme of a new and broadened product direction that includes the entire suite of GIS-centric management tools.

Cityworks 2010 brings significant enhancements to the entire Cityworks product line resulting in overall product performance being greatly increased. Cityworks Server MMS (maintenance management system) includes enhanced tools for managing equipment, labor, and materials (ELM), new contract tools, and enhancements to Project Manager. Among the exciting additions is the integration of Cityworks PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land) and MMS, with which users can easily create permits from a work order or service request—or the other way around—work orders or requests can be created from a permit. Other enhancements to PLL include Flex Forms, Public Access, and business licensing with more coming through the remainder of the year.

“The software development tools available in Cityworks 2010 allow us to create a system so tightly coupled with ESRI’s GIS that the constituent parts of the resulting system become indistinguishable to the end user,” states Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “Cityworks is powered by ESRI, and in turn is empowering GIS for infrastructure, assets, permits, and licensing. For many users, Cityworks is the GIS as it is essentially through Cityworks that users interact with the GIS. Taking all this into account, we realize that at the end of the day, the end users care about ease of use as they perform their day-to-day, mission-critical work.”

“Cityworks 2010 represents a fundamental step in the advancement of our products,” said Carl Horton, Executive Director of Product Development. “What began a few years ago with the introduction of Cityworks Server MMS continues as we migrate our core product platform to the leading, state-of-the-art programming languages and techniques. This enables tremendous functionality and cross-compatibility among our full line of products while facilitating integration with other mission critical business systems. In addition it allows us to deploy Cityworks across a wide array of devices – from a conventional desktop to virtually any mobile device.”

Cityworks Server 2010 supports ESRI ArcGIS 9.3.1 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Oracle 10g or 11g. ESRI’s ArcGIS 10 will be supported fall 2010.


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