Intergraph Delivers First Solution for Real-Time Video Transmission and Enhancement
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Intergraph Delivers First Solution for Real-Time Video Transmission and Enhancement

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 2003--Intergraph Solutions Group

Enhancements to Intergraph's VIPERS solution improves video communications, enables real-time intelligence gathering and analysis

Today at the GOVSEC Conference in Washington, D.C., Intergraph Solutions Group (NASDAQ: INGR) announced the availability of real-time video transmission and enhancement as part of its VIPERS solution. VIPERS, or Video Imagery Processing and Enhancement Real-time System, is a two-way audio, video, imaging and data streaming system. The addition of the new features makes it the first system that allows analysts to view and enhance live video from remote locations, enabling real-time collection and analysis of video intelligence and communication with deployed security or combat forces.

VIPERS integrates multiple commercial off-the-shelf technologies, including cameras, wireless devices, compression/decompression (CODEC), rugged field computing devices and video enhancement. The system streams and transmits video from helmet- or gun-mounted cameras to analysis stations kilometers away, where analysts can safely enhance the video for use in communications or intelligence. The new compression capabilities - including greater than 130 to 1 video compression and support for long-distance and narrow-bandwidth wireless transmissions - enables users to send and view live video at 30 frames per second. The real-time video enhancement capabilities allow analysts to perform image stabilization, noise reduction and image clarification as they receive the live video.

"By enabling users to enhance incoming images as they are received, this technology has incredible implications for security and surveillance, as well as combat operations. It will transform the way we track and respond to security and warfare targets," said Retired Army Col. (M.I.) Douglas Brouillette, VIPERS team lead at Intergraph Solutions Group.

"The combination of real-time transmission and enhancement is a first for any video system," said Gene Grindstaff, chief scientist at Intergraph Solutions Group. "And because VIPERS is highly adaptable, it can easily be converted for robotics, unmanned vehicles or other uses."

To meet increasing demands, Intergraph continues to accelerate system development. The release of decoding software later this year will allow video compression and transmission over any type of communications system, such as a radio system. This will significantly reduce the weight, space and battery usage required by hardware-based compression and provide near real-time viewing for anyone on the designated communications network.

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Intergraph Solutions Group, a division of Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR), is a systems integration and management consulting company that provides leading-edge business and technical solutions to a diverse portfolio of government and commercial clients. Backed by more than 30 years of technology innovation, ISG partners with clients to help them achieve their vision, mission and goals through intelligent deployment of best practices and information technology. ISG is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, and has strategically positioned offices nationwide.

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