Web-Based GIS Software: Introducing Geomajas 1.7 And 10 New Plug-Ins
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Web-Based GIS Software: Introducing Geomajas 1.7 And 10 New Plug-Ins

Barcelona, SPAIN and Ghent, Belgium – September 7, 2010 – Geosparc, the company commercially supporting the open source GIS application framework Geomajas, today unveiled at Foss4G the new release of its GIS application framework to build web-based and scalable GIS solutions, Geomajas 1.7.

Geomajas 1.7 now has a mechanism that fully supports plug-ins from third parties. A company or a developer can develop, add, remove or upgrade a specific functionality for Geomajas and simply plug it into the framework. The support for plug-ins is a major step forward for Geomajas as it frees the users from having to upgrade the whole application framework.

At the same time the Company announces the immediate availability of ten (10) plug-ins ranging from a Printing plug-in over an OpenStreetMap Layer plug-in to a WMS Layer plug-in. The full list of, ever increasing, plug-ins is available at www.geosparc.com/plugins.

Besides the plug-in mechanism another 3 important improvements come with this new release:

  1. A full provenance review has been done. A code provenance review reduces the risk of the project developers or software users becoming involved in a legal action or having their use of the software disrupted by sudden removal of improperly contributed code. In particular, many enterprises will not build on open-source software projects without some degree of assurance that care is being taken to avoid improper contributions. In Geomajas this has now been completed.
  2. An improved usability of the configuration. Some of the magic parts in the configuration have now been made more understandable, intelligent and easier to use.
  3. As Geomajas is great software for Rapid Application Development (RAD) a tool is introduced to quickly establish a project skeleton. This will set you up in literally just minutes.

Geosparc is at Foss4G, the international conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, in Barcelona (Spain) from 7 till 9 September 2010 at Booth 12.

The Company demonstrates numerous applications built with Geomajas while key members of its development team have been selected to give presentations and poster sessions at the conference. The presentations are available as from today at www.geosparc.com.

Media and end-users requesting a demonstration, meeting or interview with Geosparc or companies interested in becoming a Geomajas Certified Partner please contact Jan Poté (E-mail: Email Contact, M: +32 475 92 55 82)

ABOUT GEOSPARC ( www.geosparc.com) 

Geosparc is the company that commercially supports the open source GIS application framework Geomajas, coupling the innovation of open source with the stability of a true enterprise-class application framework. The open source model enables Geosparc to use best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community to get higher quality software produced more quickly at much lower cost. Geosparc’s goal is to not only provide an open source offering but to complement it with commercial services and offerings such as service level agreements, commercial licenses including OEM and Internal Use agreements, project development support, consulting services, training services and support services for configuration, and implementation.

For more information go to www.geosparc.com


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Marketing & Communication Manager
Tel +32 475 92 55 82, 
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