Events and news Postcode Anywhere Launches Faster Satnav
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Events and news Postcode Anywhere Launches Faster Satnav

Worcester, UK – 12 January 2011 – Business efficiency software specialist Postcode Anywhere launches a new, smarter satnav service this week, which goes beyond simple A-to-B route planning to re-order multiple waypoints into the fastest “optimised” itinerary.

The feature adds satnav integration to the online routing service It enables commercial vehicle drivers to take their optimised routes with them in their TomTom satnav.

Route Optimiser’s lead developer Richard Geary said: “The service is suitable for anyone who has to visit several destinations in a single day. This includes large fleets, but thanks to a scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing plan, is also suitable for smaller organisations and delivery drivers who work for themselves.

“After the waypoints in the route have been entered online at and shuffled into the optimal order by Route Optimiser, it takes just seconds to download the journey plan directly to your TomTom satnav. The sat nav will then direct you to each of the stop-off points in order as you drive. The software also gives an expected time of arrival, considerably improving customer service levels.

“Apart from the obvious convenience of in-vehicle navigation, having the route in your satnav is more time and cost-effective than printing out maps and directions. And while voiced instructions are of course preferable to map-reading, there’s the added benefit of TomTom's speed camera and HD traffic technology.

“If you have a large number of waypoints, the new service also saves the time and effort of entering destinations one at a time.”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “Customer service is essential when it comes to making deliveries. Giving customers a time window for their deliveries can really set businesses apart.

“In these times of austerity, it’s also vital to keep a judicious eye on vehicle costs. Route Optimiser’s smart algorithms organise drop-off routes into an order that’s 20-40% faster to visit, using 20-40% less fuel. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see where savings need to be made, which can lead to serious and sometimes unnecessary cost-cutting measures. Technology such as Route Optimiser, which even incorporates real-world traffic congestion data into its calculations, makes last-resort options such as laying off staff a lot less pressing.”

Parshotam Showan, managing director of electrics supplier Sonic Megastore, began using Route Optimiser last year, to improve delivery processes. He said: “Since using Route Optimiser to plan deliveries, we’ve seen a 20% increase in efficiency, by reducing man hours, completing deliveries faster, and using less fuel. Taking the cost of the service into account, by our estimation this means we’ll save around £10,000 in the first year alone.

“Our level of service improved greatly after just one day using Route Optimiser. Suddenly we could give our customers two-hour delivery windows. Now they have to spend less time waiting for their deliveries. Our customers love it.”

All Route Optimiser users need to make use of the new improved service, which transfers optimised routes from computer to their TomTom satnav, is the TomTom HOME software, provided free with devices, and a USB cable. Please note that HOME is not used by newer TomTom satnav devices (GO LIVE 1000/1005 and Via).

For more information about Route Optimiser, please visit To find out about any of Postcode Anywhere’s other business efficiency software and services, visit

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