TomTom reports fourth quarter and full year 2010 results
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TomTom reports fourth quarter and full year 2010 results

AMSTERDAM — (BUSINESS WIRE) — February 18, 2011Financial highlights full year 2010

Financial highlights Q4 2010

Operational highlights Q4 2010

Outlook full year 20111

Key figures2

(in € millions)   Q4 '10


  Q4 '09










Revenue   516   533   -3%   1,521   1,480   3%
Gross result   237   245   -3%   744   731   2%
Gross margin   46%   46%       49%   49%    
EBITDA 95 136 -30% 295 327 -10%
EBITDA margin   18%   26%       19%   22%    
Operating result 65 111 -42% 186 221 -16%
Operating margin   13%   21%       12%   15%    
Net result   52   73   -29%   108   87   24%
EPS, € diluted 0.23 0.33 -29% 0.49 0.47 3%

Adjusted EPS3

  0.29   0.39   -27%   0.70   0.78   -10%

1 For the outlook on earnings per share for 2011 we used an estimate of the average diluted share count of 226 million shares

2 Operating expenses include restructuring charges of €1.3 million in Q4'10 (€2.7 million in Q4'09) and €3.3 million in FY'10 (€10.3 million in FY'09)

3 Earnings per share adjusted for acquisition related amortisation and restructuring charges on a post tax basis, € diluted

TomTom’s Chief Executive Officer, Harold Goddijn

“In 2010 we launched new products, rolled-out our traffic information service and broadened the customer base of our company. We grew revenue and earnings per share and generated €145 million of cash.

The size of the PND market declined compared to the previous year, though by increasing our market share and because of a more limited decline in selling prices, our Consumer business proved to be a resilient revenue base for the company. Our Automotive business delivered rapid growth (52% y.o.y.) by deepening existing and adding new partnerships. Our Business Solutions unit grew strongly and our content Licensing business successfully focused on the expanding internet and wireless market.

Overall I am pleased with the performance of the company in 2010. In 2011 we will accelerate the development of the technologies which will deliver the user experience expected by our customers of tomorrow.”

Outlook 2011

In 2011 we expect our Consumer business unit revenues to contract modestly as a result of a decline in the size of the PND market and limited price erosion, partly compensated by a strengthening of our market share, geographical expansion and growth in Content and Services. Automotive is expected to grow its existing partnerships, offer real-time services and announce new contract wins. Licensing will widen its product delivery capabilities to strengthen our position in the government, enterprise and wireless markets. Business Solutions aims to outperform the expected European fleet management market growth rate of 10 to 20 percent. Overall we expect revenue to be broadly in line with 2010.

TomTom has developed all of the core content, knowledge and technologies needed to create the best user experience for car navigation. We will invest in these assets to bring innovative products and services to the market. 2011 will see an increase in expenditure, primarily in development and commercial activities, as we evolve our technologies and capabilities to expedite our growth in the Automotive and Business Solutions segments. Together with more Content and Services in our revenue mix and a reduced level of debt, this results in an expectation of broadly flat earnings per share compared with 2010.

Operational review

Revenue split

(in € millions based on non-rounded figures)   Q4'10   Q4'09   y.o.y. change   Q3'10   q.o.q. change
Consumer   406   448   -9%   293   39%
Automotive* 55 36 52% 41 33%
Licensing** 39 35 11% 28 37%
Business Solutions   16   14   15%   13   26%
Hardware 418 449 -7% 284 47%
Content & Services   98   85   16%   90   8%

* includes automotive map sales

** third party location and navigation content licensing

In the quarter, TomTom’s PND market share in Europe (largest 16) compared to the same period last year grew from 46% to 49%. The market size in Europe was 3.5 million units (Q4 2009: 4.3 million; Q3 2010: 3.5 million). In North America our market share grew from 29% in the fourth quarter last year to 32% this year. The North American market size was 6.5 million units (Q4 2009: 8.6 million; Q3 2010: 2.8 million).

The connected premium-range GO LIVE and the connected mid-range Via LIVE were launched and were well received. The PND market size in the fourth quarter holiday season was smaller than expected but revenues were supported by growth in market share, an increase in selling prices and by higher Content & Services revenue. It is part of TomTom Consumer's strategy to move into the fast-growing sports and fitness market. At the start of the new year we announced a partnership with Nike to deliver a product for runners in the second quarter of 2011.

Our Automotive business unit announced significant expansions to existing partnerships. The Blue&Me TomTom product was extended to the Fiat Doblo, Fiat 500, Qubo and Iveco ECODAILY models. We will also supply solutions for the Toyota Aygo, and together with FUJITSU TEN we will supply an embedded PND for the Subaru Forester and Impreza in the US.

We also announced a significant extension of our content licensing agreement with MiTAC to include Magellan, the third largest PND brand in the US, to add to the Mio and Navman brands. Agreement was reached with smartphone manufacturer HTC to provide our maps for their location application. This is an example of the goal of some of the handset manufacturers to retain control of their navigation user experience. A new partnership was announced with AutoNavi, China’s leading provider of map content and navigation and location based solutions with a focus on the automotive OEM market.

Business Solutions introduced a new premium model for the truck navigation market, the PRO 7100 TRUCK, which expands the coverage of access restrictions affecting large vehicles in Europe. In the quarter, the number of WEBFLEET subscriptions grew by 12,000 to 134,000.

We take our intellectual property and the protection of our innovations seriously. By the end of 2010, we had filed more than 3,450 individual patent applications worldwide.

Financial review


Revenue for the group was €516 million for the quarter, a decrease of 3% compared to the same quarter last year (Q4 2009: €533 million) and an increase of 38% sequentially (Q3 2010: €375 million). Year on year, the decline in revenue for Consumer was partially offset by an increase in revenue in the other three business units, further broadening the company’s revenue base. Sequentially all four business units showed growth with the largest contribution coming from our Consumer business unit.

The revenue of the Consumer business unit over the past quarter amounted to €406 million which is a €42 million decrease compared to the same quarter of last year (Q4 2009: €448 million). The decrease is explained by year on year lower sales in the holiday season especially around Black Friday in the US. Sequentially Consumer revenue increased by 39% (Q3 2010: €293 million) driven by higher unit sales and increased Content & Services revenue.

Automotive revenue, which includes map and content sales to automotive companies and their suppliers, grew by €19 million or 52% to €55 million compared to the same quarter last year (Q4 2009: €36 million). Sequentially revenue increased by 33% (Q3 2010: €41 million) due to the seasonal pattern of production by our automotive partners, new products coming on line and strong content sales in the US.

Licensing revenue increased by €4 million or 11% to €39 million compared to the same quarter last year (Q4 2009: €35 million) and increased 37% sequentially (Q3 2010: €28 million). The sales increase in the fourth quarter is related to the seasonal effect in the portable navigation segment and growth in the internet and wireless segment.

Business Solutions revenue grew year on year by €2.1 million or 15% to €15.8 million (Q4 2009: €13.7 million) driven by additional hardware sales as well as increased revenue from subscriptions. Sequentially revenue increased by €3.3 million (Q3 2010: €12.5 million) on the back of the continued growth of our subscriber base.

Hardware revenue for the quarter was €418 million across the group, a decrease of 7% year on year (Q4 2009: €449 million) and an increase compared to the third quarter of 47% (Q3 2010: €284 million).

Content & Services revenue was €98 million for the quarter compared to €85 million in the fourth quarter of 2009, an increase of 16%. The main contributor to the increase came from HD traffic service subscriptions. Content & Services revenue increased by 8% to €98 million sequentially. Content & Services revenue for the quarter represented 19% of total revenue (Q4 2009: 16%; Q3 2010: 24%).

Gross margin

The gross margin for the group was 46% in the quarter. The gross margin was flat compared to the same quarter last year and was down by 2 percentage points sequentially (Q4 2009: 46%; Q3 2010: 48%). The sequential decrease was the result of the change in our product mix due to the effects of the holiday season.

Operating expenses

In the quarter, total operating expenses amounted to €172 million, an increase of 28% or €38 million compared to the fourth quarter of last year (Q4 2009: €134 million). The increase in operating expenses was mainly the result of higher marketing and R&D expenses. Sequentially operating expenses increased by €49 million (Q3 2010: €123 million) mainly because of higher marketing expenditure. Operating expenses as a percentage of revenue for the quarter increased to 33% (Q4 2009: 25%) and were stable compared to the previous quarter (Q3 2010: 33%).

R&D expenses for the quarter were €44 million, an increase of €7.7 million compared to the previous quarter (Q3 2010: €36 million) and an increase of €7.6 million or 21% compared to the same quarter last year (Q4 2009: €37 million).

Amortisation of technology and databases for the quarter was €23 million (Q3 2010: €18 million, Q4 2009: €18 million). The increase is the result of a one-off accelerated amortisation of tools and databases which are no longer in use.

Marketing expenses for the quarter amounted to €48 million, a sequential increase of 180% and a year on year increase of 86% (Q3 2010: €17 million; Q4 2009: €26 million). This sequential increase results from the seasonal pattern of our business with higher marketing spend in the fourth quarter in our Consumer Business Unit. In 2010 we significantly increased fourth quarter expenditure compared to the previous year. Total marketing expenses represented 9.4% of total revenue, an increase of 4.8 percentage points sequentially and 4.5 percentage point increase year on year (Q3 2010: 4.6%; Q4 2009: 4.9%).

Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses for the quarter amounted to €54 million, representing a sequential increase of 15% compared to the previous quarter and a year on year increase of 4% (Q3 2010: €47 million; Q4 2009: €52 million). The sequential increase is explained by a one-off gain in the previous quarter. SG&A expenses represented 10% of current quarter group revenue, compared to 12% in the previous quarter and 10% in the same quarter last year.

The operating result for the quarter was €65 million, a sequential increase of €9.8 million or 18% (Q3 2010: €55 million) and a year on year decrease of 42% (Q4 2009: €111 million) mainly because of the higher operating costs. As the percentage of revenue, the operating profit was 13%, a decrease of 8 percentage points compared with the same quarter last year (Q4 2009: 21%) and down by 2 percentage points sequentially (Q3 2010: 15%).

Financial results

In the quarter we paid €6.1 million in interest on our €683 million term loan and €174 million revolving credit facility. The amortisation of the transaction costs related to the term loan and revolving credit facility amounted to €1.8 million. In the quarter we repaid €85 million of term debt. The total interest expense for the fourth quarter amounted to €8.1 million (Q4 2009: €11 million, Q3 2010: €10 million).

Due to the 2% appreciation of the US dollar against the Euro in the past quarter we realised a gain of approximately €5 million in financial income and expenses.


The income tax charge was €10.3 million in the fourth quarter (Q4 2009: €21.9 million). The effective tax rate in the fourth quarter was 16.5% (Q3 2010: 22.4%; Q4 2009: 23.2%). The low tax rate in the quarter was influenced by the one-off impact of a transfer of a content database from the US to the Netherlands.

Debt financing

As at 31 December 2010, the carrying value of borrowings amounted to €588 million (Q3 2010: €673 million; Q4 2009: €790 million). The reduction compared to the third quarter is the result of the repayment of €85 million at the end of the fourth quarter plus the amortised transaction costs which are added back to the borrowings over the lifetime of the borrowings. Excluding transaction costs, which are netted against the borrowings, our outstanding borrowings at the end of the quarter amounted to €598 million (Q3 2010: €683 million).

Net debt as at 31 December 2010 decreased to €294 million from €416 million at the end of the previous quarter and €442 million at the end of the prior year. Net debt is the sum of the borrowings (€598 million), less cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period (€306 million) plus our financial lease commitments (€1.2 million). The net debt to EBITDA ratio at year end was 0.98 times (YE 2009 1.31 times).

Balance sheet

As at 31 December 2010, accounts receivable plus other receivables had increased by €65 million to €348 million compared to the previous quarter (Q3 2010: €283 million; Q4 2009: €320 million). The inventory level was €94 million, an increase of €14 million or 18% in comparison to the previous quarter and an increase of €27 million or 41% compared to the same quarter last year (Q3 2010: €80 million; Q4 2009: €67 million). Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the quarter were €306 million.

Total current liabilities increased by €276 million from €558 million in Q3 2010 to €834 million in Q4 2010 (Q4 2009: €799 million). This was caused mainly by the seasonal increase of rebate and revenue-related accruals in our Consumer business and part of our borrowings moving from non-current to current liabilities. At the end of the quarter we had shareholders’ equity of €1,142 million up from €1,088 million at the beginning of the quarter.

Cash flow

During the quarter, we recorded a net cash inflow from operations of €141 million. This was mainly driven by the operating profit of €65 million and a €48 million decrease in working capital resulting from an increase in current liabilities of €128 million partially offset by higher inventories and receivables.

Cash flow used in investing activities during the quarter increased from €16 million in the previous quarter to €22 million in Q4 2010 (Q4 2009: €32 million).

Cash flow used in financing activities amounted to €84 million due to the repayment of borrowings.

- END -

Consolidated income statements

(in € thousands)   Q4'10








Revenue   515,834   533,312   1,521,083   1,479,660
Cost of sales   279,251   288,568   777,018   748,624
Gross result   236,583   244,744   744,065   731,036
Research and development expenses 44,129 36,531 161,875 139,441
Amortisation of technology & databases 22,723 17,918 77,644 74,998
Marketing expenses 48,287 25,918 104,788 86,363
Selling, general and administrative expenses 53,778 51,909 199,941 198,779
Stock compensation expense   2,940   1,738   13,495   10,567
Total operating expenses   171,857   134,014   557,743   510,148
Operating result   64,726   110,730   186,322   220,888
Interest result -8,074 -11,223 -35,064 -70,815
Other finance result 5,128 -5,722 -15,962 -41,202
Result of associates   707   733   -1,270   2,603
Result before tax   62,487   94,518   134,026   111,474
Income tax   -10,307   -21,883   -26,356   -25,088
Net result   52,180   72,635   107,670   86,386
Minority interests   475   -381   -98   -381
Net result attributed to the group   51,705   73,016   107,768   86,767
Basic number of shares (in millions) 221.7 221.7 221.7 184.0
Diluted number of shares (in millions)   224.0   223.6   222.0   184.9
EPS, € basic 0.23 0.33 0.49 0.47
EPS, € diluted   0.23   0.33   0.49   0.47

Consolidated balance sheet

(in € thousands)  

31 Dec 2010



31 Dec 2009


Goodwill   854,713   854,713
Other intangible assets 946,263 986,472
Property, plant and equipment 38,977 42,904
Deferred tax assets 22,265 28,205
Investments in associates   7,720   7,683
Total non-current assets   1,869,938   1,919,977
Inventories 93,822 66,719
Trade receivables 305,821 294,024
Other receivables and prepayments 41,853 26,035
Other financial assets 5,724 10,602
Cash and cash equivalents   305,600   368,403
Total current assets   752,820   765,783
Total assets   2,622,758   2,685,760
Share capital 44,362 44,344
Share Premium 974,554 973,755
Other reserves 45,757 34,319
Stock compensation reserve 71,662 66,267
Accumulated deficit -222 -106,209
Minority interests   5,416   5,094
Total equity   1,141,529   1,017,570
Borrowings 384,011 588,141
Provisions 51,051 57,847
Long-term liability 926 1,158
Deferred tax liability   211,014   222,129
Total non-current liabilities   647,002   869,275
Trade payables 218,419 201,176
Borrowings 203,586 201,387
Tax and social security 35,443 30,186
Provisions 58,237 56,503
Other liabilities and accruals   318,542   309,663
Total current liabilities   834,227   798,915
Total equity and liabilities   2,622,758   2,685,760

Consolidated statements of cash flows

(in € thousands)   Q4'10








Operating result   64,725   110,730   186,322   220,888
Financial (losses) / gains -4,394 -3,890 -11,789 -19,741
Depreciation of PPE 3,396 5,951 14,863 20,416
Amortisation of intangible assets 27,105 19,805 94,235 85,920
Change to provisions 1,500 10,807 -5,180 -1,267
Change to stock compensation reserve 2,092 705 12,901 7,748
Changes in working capital:
Change in inventories -13,965 12,876 -26,987 81,363
Change in receivables and prepayments -65,138 -71,469 -27,617 -14,090
Change in current liabilities   127,531   119,214   28,545   48,536
Cash generated from operations   142,852   204,729   265,293   429,773
Interest received 278 966 977 2,843
Interest paid -6,125 -8,735 -25,589 -66,480
Corporate income taxes paid   4,260   -10,813   -30,378   -25,798
Net cash flow from operating activities   141,265   186,147   210,303   340,338
Investments in intangible assets -14,140 -14,562 -47,096 -56,991
Investments in property, plant and equipment -8,155 -6,550 -17,866 -18,735
Acquisition of subsidiary   0   -11,369   0   -13,973
Total cash flow used in investing activities   -22,295   -32,481   -64,962   -89,699
Repayment of borrowings -85,000 -210,000 -210,000 -622,048
Proceeds on issue of ordinary shares   815   74   817   415,941
Total cash flow from financing activities   -84,185   -209,926   -209,183   -206,107
Net (decrease) increase in cash and cash equivalents 34,785 -56,260 -63,842 44,532
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 267,615 422,932 368,403 321,039
Exchange rate effect on cash balances held in foreign currencies   3,200   1,731   1,039   2,832
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period   305,600   368,403   305,600   368,403

Consolidated statement of changes in stockholders’ equity

(in € thousands)


  Share capital   Share premium   Other reserves   Accumulated deficit   Total   Minority interests   Total Equity
Balance as at 31 December 2009 44,344   973,755   100,586   -106,209   1,012,476   5,094   1,017,570
Comprehensive income            
Result for the year 0 0 0 107,768 107,768 -98 107,670
Other comprehensive income
Translation differences 0 0 1,071 0 1,071 984 2,055
Transfer to legal reserves 0 0 7,956 -7,956 0 0 0
Cash flow hedge 0 0 2,411 0 2,411 0 2,411
Total other comprehensive income 0   0   11,438   -7,956   3,482   984   4,466
Total comprehensive income 0   0   11,438   99,812   111,250   886   112,136
Transactions with owners
Dividends to minority shareholders 0 0 0 0 0 -251 -251
Change in minority share 0 0 0 0 0 -313 -313
Stock compensation expense 0 0 5,640 0 5,640 0 5,640
Issue of share capital 18   799   -245   6,175   6,747   0   6,747
Balance as at 31 December 2010 44,362   974,554   117,419   -222   1,136,113   5,416   1,141,529

Accounting policies

Basis of accounting

The condensed financial information for the three-month period ended 31 December 2010 with related comparative information has been prepared using accounting policies which are based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Accounting policies and methods of computation followed in the condensed financial information, for the period ended 31 December 2010, are the same as those followed in the Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2010. Further disclosures as required under IFRS for a complete set of consolidated financial statements are not included in the condensed consolidated financial statements. The Consolidated and Company Financial Statements for TomTom NV for the year ended 31 December 2010 have been prepared and audited but are not yet published.

Audio webcast fourth quarter 2010 results

The information for our fourth quarter results audio webcast is as follows:

Date and time: 18 February 2011 at 14:00 CET

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