InfiniScale Moderates Panel on Solutions for Process Variability and Exhibits at DATE 2011
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InfiniScale Moderates Panel on Solutions for Process Variability and Exhibits at DATE 2011

Grenoble, France, Mar. 4, 2011 InfiniScale SA will exhibit at DATE 2011, the main European event bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers and vendors, as well as specialists in the hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems, to be located at Grenoble, France on March 14-18 2011.

InfiniScale will present its unique solution for variation-aware custom IC design. Visit InfiniScale at BOOTH #40 to discover about the state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to handle process variability at the design stage and optimize the yield of your IC.

Who: InfiniScale SA

What: DATE 2011. Working topics:

-          Modeling and Simulation of Variations: from Physics to Circuits

-          Application Design

-          Test Methods, Tools and Innovative Experiences

-          Embedded Systems Software

When: March 14-18, 2011

Where: Alpexpo, Grenoble, France

About the Panel

This panel will focus on the process variability affecting analog, mixed-signal, and custom digital designs, the various challenges it raises and the solutions that can be applied to handle those issues. A presentation of the various types of process variability (lot to lot or global variations, local variations such as mismatch, layout effects…) will be done. The stakes of this variability will be highlighted, in particular the effects on the yield. The various approaches to handle this variability will be presented. At simulation level, from PVT corner simulations to statistical analysis (Monte Carlo and enhanced Monte Carlo), various approaches can help the designer to analyze the effects of the process variability, and to determine the yield. The model-based approach, which uses simulation results to build a behavioural model, allows the designer to optimize the device sizes taking into account the process variability in order to minimize its effects and maximize the yield. Some concrete examples will be presented, with the presentation of the design, the effects of process variability, the solutions that were implemented and the final results. Finally, the panel will be concluded by on open discussion and questions from the audience.

Who: InfiniScale SA

What: DATE Panel: Process Variability: Challenges and solutions

Schedule:        16 March 2011, 13.15-14.15

Organiser:      Infiniscale, France

Moderator:     Stephane Fiorillo, Infiniscale, France

Jean-Paul Morin, STMicroelectronics, France
Philippe Raynaud, Mentor Graphics, France

Trent McConaghy , Solido Design Automation, USA
Vincent Fischer, Infiniscale, France

About InfiniScale

InfiniScale provides a unique variation-aware custom IC design solutions dedicated to analysis and optimization of performances and parametric yield for analog and mixed-signal designs. InfiniScale Lysis flow enables variation-aware design methods that can accurately and promptly estimate the risks into variation sensitive devices. With Lysis, the designer is able to run a million MC in seconds, to visualize PVT influence on performances in real-time, and to optimize parametric yield in an hour. InfiniScale Lysis solution enables designers delivering products on time, while maximizing robustness and yield.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Vincent Fisher, Product Director

Tel: +33 476 512 525, Email Contact