Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres Choose New Hosted Solution from Innogistic.
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Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres Choose New Hosted Solution from Innogistic.

March 28, 2011 -- Five Premier Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres (MDC’s) have chosen Innogistic to provide a new hosted solution to replace the outgoing Ordnance Survey MDC system.

The MDC’s are a nationwide network of independent retailers who specialise in the supply of customised mapping and geospatial data as well as providing expert advice on the Ordnance Survey’s full range of products.  Central to their business is a dedicated system, provided by and linked to Ordnance Survey’s headquarters, which allows them to produce customised large scale map plots and data extracts.  However, Ordnance Survey recently announced that it is to withdraw the system at the end of September this year.

After evaluating several alternative replacements, Innogistic’s new hosted solution was chosen by the premier MDC’s.  The system will provide the functionality to create new versions of all the existing Ordnance Survey large scale products, such as OS Sitemap and OS Landplan.  Added to this the new solution will allow access to the expanded range of Ordnance Survey datasets which have recently become available for distribution under the new licensing terms.  The Solution will also replicate the ability to create and manage satellite retailers as well as to offer ‘Desk-Top-Mapping’ facilities (customised client interfaces accessible by key customers in their own premises).

In addition to the full range of Ordnance Survey datasets, the new solution will also give access to other geospatial data provider’s products.  Mark Mason from MasonMap, (one of the Premier MDC’s) said “It was very important that the new solution continued to provide us with the facilities and up-to-date mapping of the outgoing Ordnance Survey system.  However, because this new solution will no longer be provided by Ordnance Survey, it also allows us to use it as a conduit for an expanded range of geospatial products, which in turn will allow us to expand into new markets and offer new services and greater choice to our customers.”

Jamie Longmuir, Innogistic’s GIS Business Development Manager said: “The Mapping and Data Centres have been providing a great service for many years and have a hard won reputation for in-depth knowledge and good customer service.  When we heard that the Ordnance Survey was planning on withdrawing their system, we knew we had the ability to provide a really exciting replacement solution to meet their needs in the future.”

Dave Roberts, Innogistic’s Managing Director said: “We are very pleased to be working with the MDC network.  Innogistic has a great reputation for providing robust web based systems for our customers including hosted solutions for both the public and private sectors.  We see this as a fast growing sector for us in the future as our customers move to the cloud.” 

The Five Premier MDC’s that have appointed Innogistic are Hereford Map Centre, John E Wright, MasonMap, National Map Centre (CHK Group) and Nicolson Maps.

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