1Spatial “Mapping on Demand” for German State Mapping Agency
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1Spatial “Mapping on Demand” for German State Mapping Agency

March 31, 2011 -- 1Spatial, provider of intelligent data quality and integration solutions, is delighted to announce that the Federal State Mapping organisation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany have purchased 1Spatial’s flagship Radius Studio solution.

Baden-Württemberg will be using Radius Studio in their TFIS (Special Tourist Map) production workflow. The rules-based technology, at the heart of Radius Studio, will enable previously time-consuming, manual tasks to be automated. This will not only deliver new levels of efficiency within the production workflow, but will also mean that Baden-Württemberg can attain more consistent and high quality map production with regular updates and a ‘mapping on demand’ service to their customers.

Previously, Baden-Württemberg has created products from a series of different data holdings.  However, recently migrating all their data holdings to a single, centralised new data model means that all their data maintenance has also been centralised. Radius Studio will be used to match the existing legacy TFIS geometries from the old data model to the newly defined ones in the new model and then transfer attribute references where matches are found so that valuable legacy information is retained.

Sabine Urbanke, Head of the Technical Department, Landesamt für Geoinformation und Landentwicklung at Baden-Württemberg said: 


“We are delighted with the results of the onsite testing of Radius Studio and are looking forward to fully rolling out the solution. We anticipate that by having a number of Baden-Württemberg staff continuously working with Radius Studio that we will be able to identify additional areas where the solution can be implemented, further improving our production and service delivery.”

Martin Gregory, Sales Manager, Data Providers, at 1Spatial added:

Having worked with 1Spatial technology for nearly 10 years, implementing Radius Studio represents a natural progression of Baden-Württemberg’s architecture for addressing specific and evolving data transformation and product generalisation requirements. In addition, it further strengthens our long-standing relationship where we have worked together to increase automation and improve efficiency in map production workflows.”



About 1Spatial

1Spatial is an industry leader in the provision of intelligent data quality and integration solutions for organisations worldwide that need to trust their location-based information.  For more than 40 years, 1Spatial has been providing solutions and services to public and private sector organisations who handle high-volumes of business critical data.  By automating the transformation of complex and distributed data into accurate and valuable information, organisations can improve operational efficiently, reduce costs, manage compliance and improve decision making.   These solutions are delivered through its own sales and services team with headquarters in Cambridge, UK.  For more information, visit www.1spatial.com 

About Baden-Württemberg 

Baden-Württemberg is one of 16 Federal State mapping organisations that constitute AdV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), a Working Committee that coordinates the official surveying in Germany. 1Spatial has worked with both Baden-Württemberg and other AdV – Länder in the AdV-Project ATKIS-Gen for several years, at the forefront of spatial technology, delivering automated generalisation production flowlines.

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