OpenGeo and GeoCat Join Forces to Revolutionize Web Map Publishing
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OpenGeo and GeoCat Join Forces to Revolutionize Web Map Publishing

GeoCat Bridge now available in the OpenGeo Suite, allowing ArcGIS users to publish robust web maps in a single click.

New York, New York, April 1, 2011GeoCat, a geospatial software company specializing in Spatial Data Infrastructure development, and OpenGeo, the world leader in supported open source geospatial solutions, announced that the GeoCat Bridge software will now be available as an integrated component of the OpenGeo Suite.

GeoCat Bridge allows users of Esri's ArcGIS™ Desktop to instantly publish data online.  Now that Bridge is included in the OpenGeo Suite, existing ArcGIS users do not need to adopt a new cartographic toolset to create robust web maps.  Instead, they can continue to use Esri software to style and edit maps on their desktop and then use GeoCat Bridge to push their geospatial content online through the OpenGeo Suite.  This allows them to leverage the capabilities of the OpenGeo Suite's open source geospatial stack, which was built from the ground up to support standards-compliant, high-performance web maps. 

 "The OpenGeo Suite provides a great enterprise solution for existing desktop users who require flexible, powerful, web mapping solutions," noted Jeroen Ticheler, CEO of GeoCat.  Chris Holmes, OpenGeo President, added: "We are very excited to offer the GeoCat Bridge plugin to users of the OpenGeo Suite.  This will greatly improve workflows for our users of Esri desktop software, and make it much simpler for everyone to put their maps onto the web."

Integrated components of the OpenGeo Suite include PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenLayers, GeoWebCache, and GeoExt. The GeoCat Bridge plugin imports maps created in ArcGIS by converting the cartography to the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) OGC standard markup with GeoServer-specific extensions.  It then uploads this style, along with the data, to the OpenGeo Suite.  

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About OpenGeo

OpenGeo is a social enterprise working to build the best web-based geospatial technology. The company brings the best practices of open source software to geospatial organizations around the world by providing enterprises with supported, tested, and integrated open source solutions to build the Geospatial Web. OpenGeo also supports open source communities by employing key developers of  PostGISGeoServer, and  OpenLayers. Since 2002, the company has provided successful consulting services and products to clients like the World Bank, Google, the UK Ordnance Survey, Portland TriMet, MassGIS, Landgate, and the Federal Communications Commission. OpenGeo is the geospatial division of  OpenPlans, a New York-based 501(c)(3) non-profit that informs and engages communities through journalism and open source software. All of OpenGeo's revenue has been and will continue to be re-invested into innovative and useful software in support of the OpenPlans mission.

About GeoCat

Established in the Netherlands in 2007, GeoCat offers cutting-edge, customized software and services that make publishing geospatial data on the Internet easier and more efficient than ever. GeoCat operates in the fast-growing market of Spatial Data Infrastructure and geospatially-enabled technologies. GeoCat builds sustainable, evolving applications following the Free and Open Source Software philosophy and open standards. GeoCat has provided successful consulting services and products that contributed to the development of National Spatial Data Infrastructures for The Netherlands, Swiss, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, ESA and many others.

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GeoCat BV
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